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10 reasons to move to Oxford 

Posted on December 20, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
10 reasons to move to Oxford 

As Oxford’s leading removals and storage company, we know the city like the back of our hands. Plus, at Isis, we move people here from all kinds of places every week, so we understand Oxford’s appeal.  As a local business that works with other local businesses, we appreciate all angles of life in Oxford and are happy to collaborate to build a local community. While Oxford has worldwide fame for being home to the best university in the world, there is more to Oxford than just its university.  However, centuries of the culture of education and inspiration have left a signature on this city which is why visitors flock here in droves. If you are thinking of moving to Oxford then read on, as we highlight 10 reasons why you are on the right track. 

1 – Oxford is Safe

 With a below-average crime rate, Oxford was voted the safest city in the UK in 2021. Headington and Littlemore are areas that are even safer within the area of Oxford.  Most people feel safe walking about Oxford at night.  Oxford is also easy to bike around, making it a winning city for cyclists. 

2 – Student Population 

With two major universities in the city over 38% of the population are students.  This means there is a lively buoyant atmosphere, thriving commerce, and a constant state of change in the city.  Students also mean low-cost options in restuarants and cafes which can be a good thing for all residents all year round. Entertainment, culture and art thrive where there is a student population. Multicultural. 

3 -Literary influences 

Oxford is associated with some of the most famous writers in history, including the Inklings, the literary group of C.S Lewis and J. R.R. Tolkein.  Harry Potter fans pilgrimage to the Bodleian library and Lewis Carrol was drifting down the river Isis when he envisioned Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.  The city of the dreaming spires is a historic web of inspiration and literary wonder.  Home to royalty and scholars since the 9th Century, Oxford continues to inspire into modernity.  The Great Hall at Christ Church College inspired the Hogwarts dining hall in the Harry Potter films, and the staircase leading up to the hall was used in several scenes.


Oxford has many of its own industries including motor manufacturing, publishing, information technology, and science and education.  Student life and the tourist industry also generate opportunities for small businesses in the town.  A thriving city with different opportunities and a healthy turnover of students means there are opportunities for people to find work easily. 

5- Commuting to London 

The fast trains to Paddington and back are just under 1 hour’s journey. Villages in Oxfordshire also link onto the London line, arriving in Paddington or Marylebone.  The Oxford Tube bus service departs every 20 minutes, seven days a week. It can take between 1 and 2 hours. The A40 and M40 provide excellent links by road between London, Oxford, and beyond.  In the new era of part-time working from home, such a commute several times a week could be easily manageable. 

6- Local Market life 

Oxford has a plethora of local Farmers Markets and markets every month.  The Covered Market is a world-famous emporium of independent traders and vendors.  With great places to eat and drink it showcases fashion, craft, and artisanal goods. Opened in 1774 it is steeped in historical atmosphere and home to contemporary creativity. 

7- Festivals 

Oxfordshire hosts a whole pageant of summer festivals. From live music at Kite Festival to Nocturne Live at Bleinheim Palace, the whole spectrum is available.  Oxford Festival of Arts is a summer showcasing of art and culture that has international renown. A stunning lineup of events and workshops that is open to all to participate within. A festival as rich in culture as you would expect from the city of the finest university in the world.  Beyond music and art culture, there is a whole array of foodie festivals and great opportunities to find fine local Oxfordshire fayre on your doorstep.

8- Countryside

With the Cotswolds running through Oxfordshire, it is easy to find solace in the surrounding countryside.  Oxford grew up around the convergence of the Thames and the River Cherwell.  Known as the river Isis locally, the Thames is called by its original name here.  We take our name, as Oxford’s leading removals company from the River Isis.  River life has always been associated with Oxford which is famous for its university sports or rowing and punting along the river. In addition, Oxford city council manages 900 acres of wildlife in and around Oxford for you to enjoy. Seven National Trust properties and gardens can be found in Oxfordshire, so you will be forever exploring the wider area. 

9 – House prices retain value 

Although house prices have been increasing, as many people opt to move to Oxford, it’s likely they will retain their value.  In a perennially attractive city, there is always going to be demand for housing in Oxford. The international draw of the Universities ensures that there is always an influx of commerce and interest and the classic heritage which this city is founded upon will only become more valuable in time. 

10 – City life without the tariff 

As London becomes increasingly busy and digitalized, some will find the tiny streets of Oxford, designed for horses and carriages soothe their souls.  Being able to walk across a city, without losing the urban attributes of restaurants and commerce can be a great solution for the daily problems of life in London.  As Oxford’s high streets become more eclectic and you discover the cultural gems hidden here, London’s magnetic power begins to fade.  It’s pocket-sized city life without the hidden taxes, or the tube strikes. 

Areas within Oxford 

Northern Oxford is generally considered the more affluent area with Woodstock Road and Banbury Road popular addresses. Summertown has some of the best Edwardian and Victorian period homes and is where J.R.R.Tolkein resided.  With the Oxford Canal and the Cherwell River flanking on either side, it is picaresque and well serviced.  Jericho is an interesting neighbourhood with period terrace houses and popular restuarants and bars. Street markets and local festivals seal in its strong community vibes. In East Oxford, Cowley is a popular place for families and students. Cowley is a multicultural area with a strong Muslim community. Littleworth, Holton and New Headington, Headington Quarry and Temple Cowey are also good locations to put down roots in.  Southeast Oxford has improved areas like Blackbird Leys and Cowley and there are areas like Barton and Risinghurst which are considered less attractive. 

Isis of Oxford 

As Oxfords leading removals company, we specialize in sharing our expertise with our customers.  Having helped countless people move here from overseas we have the process down to a fine art.  Our storage options can come in handy during a move, or a summer holiday.  We have different packages depending on the scale of your move and what your needs are.  We are happy to design a moving strategy for you, so you can keep your costs down while staying on top of the process.  Like the river Isis in Oxford, we feel moving house can be a natural process, and it’s our job to make sure it flows easily for you on the day.  Get in touch with our team today to discuss options and generate a free quote.