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7 Easy steps to make your home look more expensive 

Posted on August 27, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
7 Easy steps to make your home look more expensive 

If a renovation is out of the question, but you are feeling like an upgrade is top of the list, use these 10 steps to get your home feeling lit. While material costs climb and waiting lists for builders lengthen, you may be able to enhance your interior over the long term with minimum investment.  Or maybe you are moving into a new place and want to get a new upmarket blueprint as a foundation.   Use these ideas to increase the sense of space and affluence in your home. 


Pivotal to Step One is the idea Less is More.  Decluttering costs nothing, and if you opt for selling furniture and items as you go, you may even bring in more cash for the overall mission.  If you look at all classy interiors, there is not a lot of stuff on show.  In order to successfully complete stage one, you will want to tackle every room.  An overall strategy in the decluttering domain is to work thoroughly through every room one by one.   For example, all those bottles in the bathroom cupboard that have been gathering dust; will not make it through the upgrade.  Recycle where you can and leave no stone unturned. Once you get to the bedroom and wardrobes, be prepared for some trips to the charity shop.  Spaciousness can be achieved through minimizing furniture and stuff and establishing designated places for things to reside.  Plus, it will feel good to shed a few skins in the process. 


Layered lighting is key to creating an elevated atmosphere.  By having different light sources, you can tweak the atmosphere accordingly.  However, it may be that your lighting is already established.  With the addition of dimmer switches and lamps, you can achieve muted and atmospheric nuance without a complete rewiring job.  Various light sources create a sense of depth, and you can find a variety of plug in wall sconces and creative lamp ideas through sites like Etsy.  Philips Smart Hue can help you design lighting systems that are attuned to your daily schedule, revolutionizing how light works in your home.  Color-changing light strips and bulbs are easy to source and install even within normal lamps and light fittings, adding nocturnal mystique to any room you choose.  Think accent lighting, task lighting and atmospheric lighting to achieve a practical and aesthetic lighting scheme. 


Light switches, doorknobs, handles, and hardware.  It’s all in the details. Unifying your light switches and handles throughout your house brings a sense of regality to a place.  By choosing the same material and theme for these small details, you can ensure an overall impact of style and finesse.  As light switches are interactive features of your home, they speak volumes for your home’s character.  Designer light switches showcase a range of toggles, switches, buttons, and dials to choose from, from a variety of metals and synthetics.  Familiarize yourself with the range of handles and knobs that are available online and you can no doubt get a grasp of some new ideas. 

4-Conceal Cables 

Spaghetti junctions of nested wires are not a feature in the Ideal Home collections.  While we all have experienced the increase of wires in our domestic worlds, it’s not something to shout about.  In order to conceal your excess cable quota, you can train your cables and clip and hook them into simple avenues, ideally concealed by furniture.  In case this isn’t achievable, you can drill a wire hole into the back of cabinets to create zones for plugs and charging that are out of view.  Anticipating the need to get the router out of the line of vision, there are many creative covers you can find online. To conceal the cables on a wall-mounted TV you can do so in a few easy DIY steps.  For example, running the cables through the wall for a seamless effect. Hiding other devices in sideboards or cabinets will assist you to complete this look.  In the kitchen, consider how to keep the appliances out of sight and out of mind as much as possible.  All in one wireless chargers can be easily concealed in a drawer or cupboard and afford you a hidden charging zone.  In conclusion, although it may take a bit of effort and organizing, once you have gained control you will have a system in place and no unruly wires will stray from it.

5-Painting Doors and Sideboards 

A full painting and decorating job may not be required if you consider how to make an impact by highlighting certain features in your home.  Consider what is most tired and in need of a lift and what aspects you can accentuate.  By painting all the doors in your home, the same colour you can unify a theme within the house. Additionally, if you have a contrasting colour to the surrounding area, the painted door will have more impact.  Design experts suggest strong greys and taupes next to whites and creams.  Break away from the idea that door and trim must match.  Also, by coordinating your handles with your internal door scheme, you will be adding to the overall character impact of your place.   By painting cabinets and sideboards, the same colour as your internal doors you will be adding to your emerging theme.

6- Textures 

Once you have got the more structural details of your place into a new template, you can think about how to adorn it.  A variety of textures can create a sense of opulence while remaining minimalist.   For instance, a contrast of metals, wood, glass, and woven materials brings a gallery feel into the home.  Texture brings a sense of tactile design into a place. By contrasting the visual weight of wood and terracotta with smooth shiny contemporary finishes, you can play with the aesthetics of your home.  Rugs, soft furnishings, mirrors and furniture can all become players in your texture palette.

7- Go Large 

To create a sense of space, it’s good to go large with certain features.  Large wall art for instance.  Instead of a cluttered arrangement of random pictures, go for one large statement piece that fills a whole wall.  Similarly, if you have curtains, you will want them to be hitting the ground.  Long draping curtains trump short curtains with gaps if you want to achieve a feeling of abundance.  Likewise, a large rug that fills the floor space gives the feeling of openness.   Large art, rugs, and long curtains will make the room look grander and statelier.

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