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A Brief Guide to Oxford for Visitors and New Residents in 2021

Posted on April 25, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
A Brief Guide to Oxford for Visitors and New Residents in 2021

When it comes to a unique city with lots for tourists and new residents to enjoy, you’ll struggle to find better than Oxford. Its world-famous university is instantly recognisable, but there’s lots more happening to get excited about. For anyone who’s looking for somewhere to live that balances vibrancy with culture and history, you’ll find it in good measure here.

At Isis Removals, we’re never shy of promoting our beautiful city and the wider community of Oxfordshire. We move people and businesses into the area every week, in addition to those who need to use our storage facilities. Regardless of where you’re moving from or how big the job is, we have the right expertise and range of services to make it a successful relocation.

Oxford – There’s Something for Everyone –

Oxford is a truly inspiring place, and its nickname ‘The City of Dreaming Spires’ sounds like something out of a fairy-tale. It’s no wonder a certain fictional wizard has an affiliation with our city. Its incredible Anglo-Saxon architecture is instantly recognisable, and you’re unlikely to find anywhere quite like it.

It’s impossible to mention Oxford without invoking images of the famous university, and it plays a central role in the reputation and importance of the city and county. As one of the world’s finest educational institutions, people from all over the UK and beyond aspire to walk its hallowed halls. An Oxford graduate has seemingly limitless opportunities after their studies by association.

But there’s much more to Oxford than education. It has a rich tapestry of culture and history. However, you’ll also note a more cosmopolitan modern feel to life here. It has links with progressive politics and as being a place synonymous with debate. Oxford is also very business-centric, with leading roles in the UK’s car manufacturing, science, IT, and publishing industries.

In this blog, we’ll delve into what makes this such a special city that is perfect for visitors and new residents alike. You’ll soon understand why thousands of people are relocating here every month.

Restaurants for All Budgets and Tastes –

When it comes to eating out or ordering in, Oxford is a foodie paradise. There’s a plethora of different cuisine on offer from all over the globe, including the best British dishes. It’s all high-quality food, and much of the produce is sourced locally. The local restaurants and community place a significant emphasis on buying local and using farmers’ markets.

Here are some of Oxford’s culinary delights:

Polish Kitchen – For those who want the genuine article when it comes to cuisine from Poland, look no further than the Polish Kitchen. Situated a short drive outside of the city centre, you can feast upon the very best Polish dishes, beer and spirits.

BBouna Pizza Bar – If you’re a fan of authentic Italian pizza (the correct term is pinsa), then a visit to BBounda is a must. This five-star rated restaurant uses the best ingredients and creates pizza that’s nothing short of magical.

Yellow Submarine – You can travel the UK and struggle to find anywhere like Yellow Submarine. This charity tells an inspiring story of integration for young people with autism and learning disabilities who work in the café. The food and beverages are superb, so it’s no wonder this ranks as one of Oxford’s best.

The Coconut Tree – It can sometimes be tricky to find somewhere that offers a decent selection of vegetarian and vegan options. That is until now. The Coconut Tree has some delicious Sri Lankan food, with plenty of choice for vegetarians and vegans.

Spiced Roots – For those in search of vibrant flavours and top-quality cocktails, you’ll find them both at Spiced Roots. This Caribbean wonder is the talk of the town, consistently at the top of the charts for Oxford’s restaurant circuit.

You’ll discover something for all tastes and budgets in Oxford and through the county. Whether it’s for a family meal or a date night, you’ll find a variety of types of food on offer. Students can enjoy excellent discounts at eateries without compromising quality, and there are lots of top-notch takeaways as well.

Historical Points of Interest –

If you’re a history and culture buff, then Oxford has everything you’re looking for. It’s teeming with historical sites and top tourist attractions. There are also some notable film industry favourites – more on that soon. It’s a city where old and new meet to create extraordinary experiences you’ll want to revisit.

You’ll need to schedule a trip to Bleinham Palace for a day tour to witness a truly magical piece of history. This stunning building and grounds are a must-see for history buffs and casual tourists alike. For anyone who wants a meticulous feel for an Oxford University library (and more Harry Potter fandom), then the Bodleian Libraries full tour is necessary.

The River and Rowing Museum is excellent value for money, with a single-entry ticket giving you comes with unlimited revisits for twelve months! With exhibitions dedicated to the area’s most famous sport, as well as the ‘Wind in the Willows’ gallery, there’s something for the whole family. Some noteworthy mentions for Broughton Castle, the Oxford Botanic Gardens, and Hook Norton Brewery.

Some of the points of interest from each section intersect, with many of these sites having walking tours. You’ll need to dedicate plenty of time to see everything, and tourists may need a couple of visits to squeeze it all in. Luckily, residents can enjoy it all whenever they have time, which will help young families keep the little ones occupied.

Our Top Picks for Oxford Visits –

No trip to Oxford would be complete without finding out more about the world’s favourite young wizard. There’s a Harry Potter guided tour of where a lot of the film adaptation was shot. You’ll find lots of fun activities for all ages here for some unforgettable days and nights out. It’s also a place where we cherish and enjoy the outdoors.

Harry Potter Studio Tour – This is for anyone who’s dreamt of boarding the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 – ¾. The Harry Potter tour takes place at Warner Bros Studio, guiding you through some of the famous sets from the film. A truly unique and unforgettable experience for fans of the franchise, and some tours include a city and university add-on.

City Sightseeing Oxford Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour – For us, the Hop-On Hop-Off tours are ideal for viewing a city. And Oxford’s is no exception, as it seamlessly ties in all the focal points of the area, in addition to some hidden gems. You’ll see the sights and have the option of hearing an in-depth commentary with relevant information to accompany your journey.

Scenic Oxfordshire Walks – You’ll get plenty of walking in when you visit Oxford. It’s a city that prides itself on accessible outside areas, and all kept in pristine condition. You see the university and city centre by tour, in addition to the Dreaming Spires walk. Two other famous routes are the Henley-on-Thames to Shiplake and Chipping Norton to the Cotswolds.

Removals Services for New Residents –

For anyone who’s planning a relocation to Oxford, you’ll be in safe hands by booking with Isis Removals. Regardless of whether you’re moving locally or from a different part of the UK, we can arrange everything. We have a network of partner companies in the Master Remover Group which provides us with access to removals and storage depots all over Britain.

We have removal vehicles in all sizes, making it straightforward to tackle jobs of any scale. From two-bed apartments all the way to six-bed detached houses, there’s nothing we can’t handle. This also includes European relocations and business moves. And if you’re in a jam, it’s no problem for us to speed the process up for emergency relocations.

One of the advantages of using us for your upcoming relocation is we have linking services. We often find people need storage when moving to a new house. Isis Removals can streamline any removals job with a storage unit. People like the additional security self storage offers. We can transport everything from your home to one of our storage units.

Isis Removals – Oxford’s Number One for Removals –

Whether you’re relocating or just a temporary guest, we hope you enjoy your time in Oxford. It’s a fascinating city and county that requires more than one visit to fit everything in. It’s one of the reasons why people from larger cities like London are moving here. They realise the opportunity to live in a vibrant and scenic location within a short commute to the capital.

And when the time is right, Isis Removals will make sure you enjoy a stress-free relocation. Customer service is at the root of every service we offer, making us the go-to removal and storage provider in Oxford. We’re happy to collect people from outside of Oxfordshire, and we regularly have our vans performing moves in the surrounding areas.

Most importantly – we’re residents, and we’ll happily discuss any aspect of life here. Please contact us today to talk about our range of services, as well as tips for moving to Oxford.