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A Guide to Moving with Children in Oxford

Posted on June 22, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
A Guide to Moving with Children in Oxford

For one reason or another, moving can be a challenge that will push your organisational skills and patience to the limits. A few types of relocations require more perseverance, and in this instance, need extra compassion. If you’re moving with a young family, there will be some additional things to consider above and beyond other moves.

Isis Removals has been operating in Oxford and the surrounding areas for over twelve years. In that time, we’ve undertaken hundreds of relocations with people who have children. It’s an emotionally strenuous experience for everyone but especially for the little ones. That’s why it’s better to work with a removals company that understands the different issues that comes with it.

Top Tips for a Stress-Free Move with the Kids –

In this blog, we’ll go through some ideas that should make it easier when you organise a relocation with a young family. It’s a difficult transition for everyone, but the kids will feel it more than adults. They’re leaving behind friends and facing the unknown. As grownups, we find that scary enough but it’s much more pronounced for children.

Their lives will never be the same, and they don’t have any experience dealing with it to reference. While this is true for all the family, you’ll know that change isn’t a bad thing. You’ll struggle to get this across to them by explaining it to them – it only happens after going through it. The best option is to try and take their minds off certain realities of the move.

Giving them more involvement in the process will provide them with ownership and a sense of control. This isn’t just something you’re doing without their consent – now they’re an active part of it. By having this proactive attitude, you’ll make them feel more in control and less on the outside. And it all starts with open and honest communication.

Talk to Your Little Ones About the Move –

Relocating isn’t something that happens overnight, and it’s likely to take several months of decisions and planning. Once you get closer to confirming it’s happening, you’ll need to sit everyone down to go over the details. Be honest and explain why you’re moving without trying to second-guess their reaction. Being open will make things more straightforward, and you won’t have to worry about withholding information.

One way to get the children on board is to visit the places you’re thinking of moving to. This will involve some offline house hunting where you travel and make it an overnight stay for at least a couple of days. It’s essential to see prospective areas at different times of the day and night to see if it’s suitable for you. The last thing you need is a nasty surprise when the seemingly quiet suburb turns lively at night-time.

Throughout the relocation, keep discussing things with the kids and keep them up to date. Make sure you value their input, even if they’re unhappy with the situation. You can always be on the look for ways to put a positive spin on things. Think in terms of their interests and how they link with the new location. And if possible, line up some activities or afterschool clubs for when you arrive.

Get Everyone Involved and Delegate Tasks –

The entire moving process can be draining, especially for the person who takes the lead. Someone tends to take on most, if not all, of the organising duties. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a one-person job. You’ll need all the helping hands possible, including the little sets thereof. Not only that, getting the children to help will increase their involvement.

If you can list some safer tasks, get the kids to help out wherever possible. Ask their opinion on things as well throughout the relocation. Wherever possible, seek their advice and make them part of the exercise. This will help them feel connected to what’s happening without everything happening without their knowledge or consent.

You can also take this opportunity to discuss things like decorating their new rooms. Work in as many positive references about the move and new house as possible. This will create a sense of excitement, even for the more stubborn ones. Don’t go overboard and remember there’s still a lot of anguish leaving friends and possibly family members behind.

Turn the Relocation into a Fun Adventure –

If you put more effort you put into learning about your new village, town, or city, you’ll find it simpler to integrate when you arrive. Ask the kids to do some research and list things there that match their hobbies. Check back with our earlier advice – you’ll have a first-time experience of where you’re heading. Having your favourite restaurant or takeaway will make a huge difference when you arrive.

One fun activity can be to have a rewards system in place for every duty they help you with. For each fully packed box or container, offer a prize or a treat. Also, encourage everyone to declutter and get rid of things they no longer use. This will help you reduce the total volume of things you’re relocating with and make things entertaining.

You can also do things like building forts and other items with boxes in between packing. We read this blog, and it has some excellent suggestions for you to try out. A good playlist will help beat the blues with their favourite tunes. Remember to add some of your own, though – the Wheels on the Bus on repeat might get a bit tiring.

Start Early to Balance Family and Work Duties –

This one’s for you and will help you balance everything to reduce any unnecessary stress. One of the most challenging aspects of moving is life continues regardless. You’re left juggling the move as well as work tasks and home life. This soon adds up and creates a lot of pressure, especially if an issue happens and you’re rushing around.

The best way to avoid this is by starting early and having a mindset to keep making daily progress. Get things out of the way wherever possible and make this your relocation mantra. If you can complete some action points today, don’t delay it and put it off for the next day. We never know what’s around the corner, so it’s better to be in a position where you can deal with problems.

You’ll also have more time free to play with the kids, which is the main reason why we’re mentioning it. They’ll need extra attention during this period, and every time you tick of a task, you’re giving yourself breathing room. And this will make things easier as you prepare them for the next phase in your family’s lives.

Organise a Fairwell Party with Family and Friends –

Providing closure is one of the crucial parts of the moving process. Your children will be leaving lifelong friendships and the home they grew up in. Life will never be the same, and it’s up to you as the parent to help the transition. While this all sounds a bit heavy, it’s more about having one last get together. And what better way of ending things than a party?

It doesn’t need to be an expensive affair with fancy food or features. The people are what matters, especially for the little ones who want to see their best friends before leaving. Some streamers and decorations, a cake or two, and lots of laughter and games are all that’s needed. Then you can document it all with photos and video footage.

It will be best if you also encourage them to keep in touch with everyone after you leave. Get their friends’ communication details and arrange weekly sessions when you arrive. This is another part of the adjustment of moving. Remember to let things run their course afterwards, and don’t worry about anything other than a fitting send-off.

Isis Removals Oxford – The Family-Friendly Removals Company –

At Isis Removals, we understand that relocating has a sentimental value to be mindful of. In addition to the people we leave behind when moving, the home itself is a place of fond memories. The rushing around to get the move in order sometimes brushes this under the carpet. However, you’ll need to be aware this won’t be the same for your kids.

The Isis Removals team are here to take the practical side of things over for you. Customer service is the foundation of our company, as you can see with these ratings. You can have confidence that we’re taking care of the hands-on stuff and giving you time with the family. And when the big day arrives, we’ll help you feel ready for the next chapter.

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