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Affordable Removals and Storage for Students in Oxford

Posted on May 25, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Affordable Removals and Storage for Students in Oxford

For anyone lucky enough to get accepted by Oxford University, you’ll have the summer to prepare for the beginning of term excitedly. A massive achievement you should be proud of, and the excitement will build the closer moving day. You’ll need to consider some pragmatic things, one being how to transport your possessions to Halls of Residence or other shared living houses.

Most students need to be mindful of the cost and preserve their student loan to last several months. That’s why it’s essential to understand your budget and plan accordingly around it. An affordable relocation is necessary, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on service. By working with Isis Removals, you’ll get the best of both, and we’ll go into more detail on booking a budget-friendly relocation.

The Cheapest Removals and Storage in Oxford –

The last two years have been an uncertain time for UK’s students. With many being stranded at universities across England, there’s bound to be anxiety around how things will play out this term. The good news is we’re moving in the right direction; fingers crossed, things remain manageable. Should things gradually improve, there’s good reason for optimism for the outlook.

Isis Removals make a point of pricing our services for students to make sure more people can enjoy them. We know your limited finances need to stretch for many months ahead. That’s why we’re the go-to student removals and storage provider. It’s worth noting that we can move you to Oxford from anywhere in the UK, rather than using a less reputable local provider.

When it’s time to visit home between semesters, we have cheap self storage student packages to keep your valuables safe. You’ll have peace of mind your belongings are secure, rather than leaving them in your room or share house. This blog will delve into the details of both services, and Then you’ll have the information at hand, when you book with us.

The Benefits of Self Storage for Students –

To follow from our last point, it’s common for students to return home for the holidays. Inexperienced learners might consider leaving things in their room. While this is usually okay to do if you’re staying in the University Halls of Residence, you should avoid this if you’re a tenant in a co-sharing student house, even if someone’s staying behind.

Students often rent properties in the same location, and these areas are notorious for petty crime like break-ins. That’s because people are a bit too lax with locking doors and closing windows. Thieves also have a decent haul as most students have electronic devices. Add in the fact that students live in the same area, and you have a recipe for disaster.

To avoid this, you should rent a self storage unit and put anything you can’t take home with you there. You won’t have to worry about burglaries or damage happening while you’re away. Storage presents the highest standard of security, and we can assist with advice for insurance. The period of storage is up to you – we don’t apply a minimum rental period.

Affordable Man & Van Removal Packages –

Let’s consider the practical side of moving to university and concentrate on how you’ll transport your belongings. You might plan to relocate yourself, squeezing everything into your parent’s or your car. First of all, please don’t do this as it takes a larger vehicle to do this safely and avoid breakages. And you’re doing all the packing and boxing up yourself, which can be a pain.

By using Isis Removals, we take on most of the burden of moving, and we’ll give you a free quote. We think a Man & Van service is ideal for student moves, and each booking gives you two experts movers who can assist with packing and inventory. Then they’ll arrange the objects in the removal’s van to avoid collisions during transit. In no time, you’re packed and ready to head to Oxford to start university life proper.

Our man with a van vehicle is smaller, making it easier to park, pack and unload in densely populated areas. This causes fewer issues with blocking other vehicles and any complaints from angry neighbours. From a removals point of view, we find it’s easier to change direction to avoid sudden traffic build-up.

We charge by the hour for this service instead of the typical day rate our competitors apply. This creates a more affordable removal experience, even if it’s Mum or Dad paying for it. Good value for money and excellent customer service happen simultaneously. And we do more the heavy lifting and organisation chores for you.

How to Prepare Your Belongings Before Storage –

While storage safeguards your belongings from damage or theft when you go home, it’s still necessary to prepare everything first. We advise our student customers to clean every item and make sure they’re dry before storing them. Here are our easy-to-follow steps on preparing to use self storage.

  • Use new storage boxes or containers. Don’t try and use boxes you get from the corner shop or supermarket. Durable plastic containers are also an excellent way to protect your possessions.
  • Carefully pack fragile pieces. Much like moving, you need to treat fragile objects with additional care. Every box should have lots of extra padding and packaging, and correct labelling for the outside of the box is a good idea.
  • Clean all appliances and furniture. Any mould you bring in can spread to other items, which can damage fabrics. Also, remember to leave appliance doors slightly open and wrap cords. If you are keeping clothes in storage, you should invest in vacuum-sealing equipment. It eliminates air that can cause mould.
  • It’s crucial to avoid packing things into plastic bags. The materials most carrier bags or bin-liners use can increase humidity which then causes moisture. That’s ideal conditions for mould to set in, and it will ruin your possessions.

Share a Storage Unit with Your Housemates –

Here’s a smart suggestion that can lower your storage costs even further by sharing a storage unit with your housemates. If you live in student accommodation or share house, get everyone together to join forces. You could all rent a self storage unit with Aussie and share the costs, giving you the benefits of secure storage while further reducing the overall costs.

There are two truths to the situation of students and storage. The first is that most students have or use expensive items and equipment. That’s usually in the form of a laptop, a TV and possibly a games console. If you then multiply that by four or five for a typical student house, you’re talking about a lot of valuables. That’s why most student areas in every city have high theft rates.

The second truth is that most student houses suffer from poor maintenance, and damage from damp often occurs. This is where storage becomes a game-changer. If you rent a self storage unit with Aussie, your possessions will be safe and secure. You can access your unit regularly. And by sharing your storage unit with housemates, you’ll safeguard your belongings and do so without breaking the student loan.

Excellent Customer Service and Value for Money –

There’s a common misconception that you choose affordability or excellent service, not both. While this might be true for a majority of companies, it’s not for us. Isis Removals manages to find an equal footing for customer care and service delivery. You can enjoy value for money, as well as a high standard of work and completion times.

You can research most companies before you book via rating websites, and we would suggest you only consider ones that are transparent about this. Google Reviews and Trustpilot give an overall score out of five, indicating the type of service you’re likely to receive. You go with a provider over four, and you’re in a good position, and Isis Removals is a five-star removal and storage company.

We also have a Quality Policy in place to make sure we’re accountable at every stage. You’ll have reassurance we comply with industry standards, including BAR. We work hard to provide the best service possible. This extends to all our customers, and we hold students in high regard because they make up a large part of our customer base.

Isis Removals – Oxford’s Number One Company for Students – 

We hope that all new Oxford students love their time here when they attend one of the world’s finest universities. It’s the best educational institution in the UK and is set in a beautiful city and county. There’s a lot to do in your spare time with student-friendly budgets. Let’s get you here with the most efficient and cost-effective removals package.

Isis Removals has been working with students in Oxford and all over the UK for years. We know what goes into a successful relocation and have experience. You can be secure in our handling skills and attention to detail. Leave it to us, and we’ll move you to Oxford without hassle and stress.

If you’re attending Oxford University next semester, please contact us today, and we’ll go through our removals and storage services with you. You can enjoy excellent customer service at affordable rates.