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Are you Moving House with Children?

Posted on November 21, 2019 by Peter Donaldson

Moving home can be a stressful time anyway but if you have children there are a number of additional factors to consider. If you’re worried and anxious about your move it’s highly likely your children are too so here is our best advice for dealing with children and the big day!

Before the Move

The first step is to make sure you communicate what’s about to happen, the conversation should begin before a for sale board appears in the front garden so they are clear what’s going to happen, your hopeful timetable of events and why there is a need to move.

If it’s a move to a new area, or even a move to a new country, this will obviously impact on your children’s friendships, schools and clubs so the sooner this becomes a reality to them the better. Make sure they are involved in looking for a new house, looking round the area and introduce them to the parts of the new town they will be keen on. This might be the local shops, park or leisure centre. Knowing they can still participate in their favourite activity will ease some fears they may have.

During the Move

This is generally the most stressful day of the whole process. Time can be a pressure, either waiting or rushing! Making sure you have an experienced removal firm is key and we, at IRIS Removals, offer a professional service, as many will testify.

Making moving day a family activity will give your children confidence so make the day about the memories made and new adventures ahead. Allow them time to say goodbye to their room, tree house or favourite cubby hole and consider having a family photo outside the old home and later new home.

It is worth considering if they need to around for the whole day though. Seeing their possessions being loaded into a van may be traumatic and the buzz of the day could be intimidating. If they can stay with friends or family this may be an advantage. Obviously moving a longer distance may make this impossible, in which case do you all need to be at the old home whilst it’s being packed up?

After the Move

Hopefully if all has gone well there will be a sense of relief and excitement. The whole moving process will start to fade in the memory and you will be able to start planning for your new future. Getting into a routine as quick as possible is a top tip. Make it feel like home as quickly as possible and start with the kids rooms. Involve them in the process of laying out their room, if you’re in a position to decorate their room then allow them input into colours, wallpaper and the decor. This can be a great experience for all the family to be involved in.

Starting a new school and making new friends could be daunting so having the home and their room as a happy, safe environment as quickly as possible offers a relief from other stresses they may be facing.

If you’ve found your new family home and need a reliable, professional removal company in Oxfordshire, then contact us so we can make your family’s dreams become reality!