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Common Moving Mistakes

Posted on December 28, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Common Moving Mistakes

If you tell someone that you’re planning on moving home, you might get a surprising summary of the oncoming nightmares you’re about to face. While it’s true that relocations can be stressful, potentially chaotic events, most of them don’t end in disaster. However, that doesn’t mean you should play fast and loose when you start organising your upcoming move.

At Isis Removals, we’re very much in the mindset that preparation can smooth kinks out before they cause any disruption. By starting the planning side of things straight away, you’re giving yourself a massive advantage, specifically, if a problem does arise. We’ll go through some of the common pitfalls and mistakes people make when moving, so you can avoid them.

Avoid these Common Moving Mistakes –

When planning your move, everyone at Isis Removals understands it can be one of the most stressful times. So, every tip you can get to help reduce that pressure and any anxieties you have can prove invaluable.  Throughout the relocation, you’ll also have us in your corner, including us giving you valuable tips and prompts to keep the momentum up.

With a huge range of experience in removals and storage, we know what to do when moving and what not to do. Many people fall into the same traps and experience similar problems when moving. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most common mistakes to highlight, making it easier to identify and then avoid making them.

Luckily, it’s entirely possible to do this with more planning and thorough preparation. We often tell our new customers that this is what makes or breaks a relocation. By starting as soon as possible, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to tackle any issues that arise. And why a majority of moves don’t have any problems, some do, so it’s better to give yourself time to respond. 

One: Moving the Clutter with You –

There are undoubtedly many items in your house such as old kids toys, hundreds of note pads you are keeping just in case you need them, and a large amount of clothes that you haven’t worn in years. So, if you will never use them, why bother paying to have them moved to your new house where they will only take up space.

When you start to package up each room, make three separate piles when doing so. Create one pile for keeping things that you are completely sure to use again. The second pile should be for items you no longer need but are in perfectly good condition to sell. Websites such as eBay, CeX, and Amazon are great places to start to get rid of your old stuff and make some money whilst doing it. Finally, create a ‘to be binned’ pile and simply get rid of them, especially if it is broken or worthless.

It’s also possible to do with this and be kind to the environment. In addition to selling or donating anything that’s still in good condition, you can avoid throwing the rest away. You can do this by repurposing things like ice cream tubs into small pots for plants or alternative pencil cases. Then you recycle the rest – you can click here to read a list of Oxford’s recycling points here.

Two: Not Hiring Removals Professionals –

If you are moving simply round the corner or across town, you may think that doing it yourself would be far easier and cheaper. However, we know that this is never the case, and it will always end in disaster. If you want all your belongings to arrive at your new home in one piece and in good time, hiring professionals is the only way to do this.

Do this in plenty of time as especially during the spring and summer seasons, many people choose to move during this season, so you want to make sure your date is booked in ready. Undoubtedly, these are the most popular and busiest periods of the year. Removals bookings fill fast, meaning you might struggle if you need to move on a Friday.

Ultimately, there are things that a professional moving company has that most people don’t have access to. In addition to a fleet of removal’s vehicles, Isis Removals also have a team of experts to call upon. Their collective experience means your possessions are in safe hands. Furthermore, we provide them with the best removal’s tools and equipment.

Three: Poor Planning – Last-Minute Panic –

Let’s look at this in more detail to see how you can prevent this from happening. The key contributor to a poor moving experience stems from a lack of planning, which has a knock-on effect. This can take many forms, but it all boils down to time or a lack of it. It’s a precious resource, and we often only realise this when it’s too late.

Don’t fall into this trap – create a moving checklist and stick to it ardently. This is your comprehensive list that will contain every task for your move. We always suggest breaking larger tasks into smaller chunks to make them easier to tackle. Align your checklist with a blank calendar to plot your duties and be mindful of how long you have until the moving day.

It will help if you aim to clear at least three or more items per week from your moving checklist. You’ll need to try and give yourself a few months to complete everything, which is why you should start taking action today. This includes booking a reputable removals company, and by working with us, we’ll help you stay on course. Moreover, thorough preparation will reduce stress and increase the likelihood of a successful relocation.

Four: Delays and No Back-Up Plan –

This is less commonplace when compiling the ‘usual suspects’ of moving disasters. But delays sometimes occur, and it’s a good idea to be aware of how to deal with them. One of the main problems with a delay in moving dates is when people panic and start rushing around phoning everyone that they know, trying to find somewhere to store their possessions.

The good news is that all you need to do is contact Isis Removals, and we’ll sort this out for you. We’ll discuss your situation and suggest the best approach. Even if it’s last-minute, we’ll do everything possible to accommodate your situation and safeguard your things. Before you know it – your belongings will be safe and secure in one of our storage units.

This leaves you to sort out any issues that are delaying the relocation without worrying about anything else. You’ll also be able to arrange temporary accommodation, which is just as important, especially if you have little ones. There’s no more secure way to safeguard your possessions than using self storage. We can also relocate you and move things straight from the storage unit on the moving day.

Five: Cheap Deals Ahead of Customer Service –

This is a top contender for moving mistake of the year, and it might cause a bit of confusion around how to prevent it from happening. To add some context, the first thing to note is that moving to a new home isn’t cheap. After the mortgage fees, deposits, and other costs, it’s natural people want to trim here and there. Then they do the natural thing – look for a cheap removal provider for the big move.

Hopefully, anyone who does this will be fine, and nothing overly bad will happen. However, it’s a big risk for several reasons. If the removal’s deal seems too good to be true, that’s often the case. Typical problems are the moving team turning up late, running overtime, and working late or continuing the next day. Then people often cite hidden fees, shoddy work, unprofessional movers, and damage occurring.

To be honest, it’s often not that difficult to replace a broken piece of furniture if it’s not valuable. Also, you can utilise insurance for more expensive items. It’s not convenient, but it’s not a total disaster if this occurs. But if a careless removals team dents a wall – it could equate to significant repairs. Be smart – look for an affordable moving company that also has proven customer service as well.

Isis Removals Oxford – Keeping You on Track for a Successful Relocation –

We make no apologies for raising these issues, even if they make for uncomfortable reading. It’s better to know where the danger lies so you can avoid the traps by taking preventative measures. Moving is a stressful experience, even when things don’t go badly. With some preparation – you’ll stay on track for a positive relocation.

Isis Removals has everything you need to enjoy a successful move without it costing too much. On top of our range of services, we’re here to work through any problems leading up to and after the moving day. You’ll always find someone to discuss your relocation with, and we’ll pass on good advice and prompts leading up to the day of the move.

To discuss a potential relocation, click here, and we’ll begin our assessment process. From here, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.