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North Yorkshire: The Most Beautiful, Interesting County in the UK

Posted on March 30, 2018 by Peter Donaldson

When first thinking about North Yorkshire, I tend to think about long walks in a grassy field, flat caps and a Yorkshire terrier at my side, and you wouldn’t be wrong to associate North Yorkshire with these things. However, this isn’t the only thing that North Yorkshire can offer you. The largest county in the UK has grown in culture and British landmarks over the years, from the Yorkshire Dales to Richmond Castle.

North Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK, covering 3,209 square miles of northern England. With being synonymous with old English castles, the total amount of castles scattered there are around 30 different medieval castles scattered all around the North of Yorkshire.

Here at IRIS Removals we have now opened a depot in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire and we want to share some of the fantastic history along with some great ideas on what to do if you were to come visit.


North Yorkshire is one of the richest counties in the UK in terms of preserving history. The county is synonymous with its rich historic landmarks. Places such as York Minster, York City Walls, Rievaulx Abbey, Whitby Abbey, Grosmont railway Station, Ribblehead Viaduct and a lot more.

The history of this great county still has an everlasting effect on the culture every single day with Yorkshire dialect words originating from the Old Norse (Vikings). The historic culture also lends itself to employment for the citizens of North Yorkshire.

Yorkshire flag

Things to do in North Yorkshire

When people search for things to do in North Yorkshire they tend to find adverts for historical monuments. Where the history of North Yorkshire is undeniably rich and extensive, it really isn’t for everyone, North Yorkshire offers a variety of things to do in the county. Fancy a natural scenery whilst you climb and swim? North Yorkshire can offer you the Loup Scar. Interested in the artists in the county? North Yorkshire offers the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which takes over 500 acres of the prestigious Bretton Hall’s grounds and the indoor space for those rainy days. Or maybe you’re interested in the old motoring days of yesterday? The Bradford Industrial Museum has plenty of exhibits for you to appreciate the advancements in motoring technology over the last century.

Obviously, if you are interested in the rich historic monuments that North Yorkshire has to offer you can always visit the many preserved castles located in the county. Or you could go and visit landmarks like the Ribblehead Viaduct.

Ribblehead Viaduct North Yorkshire

Celebrities of North Yorkshire

Where North Yorkshire has a reputation with British historic monuments such as castles, not many people think about the modern icons that the county has to offer.

Sir Ben Kingsley

Sir Ben Kingsley is an English actor who comes from the village of Snainton which is located in the Scarborough district of North Yorkshire. Sir Ben Kingsley has multiple awards for his contribution to the film industry. You may recognise him from films such as Gandhi, The Jungle Book (2016) and Iron Man 3.

Penelope Wilton

Dame Penelope Alice Wilton is an actress who originates from Scarborough in the North of Yorkshire, has performed in many iconic televised shows. Shows such as The Borrowers and The Return of the Borrowers (portraying Homily) also portraying the role of Mrs Isobel Crawley/ Grey in the ITV drama Downton Abbey and the supporting role as Harriet Jones in the TV series Doctor Who. Penelope has also appeared in films over her career, Calendar Girls, Match Point, Pride and Prejudice, The BFG (2016) and the cult classic Shaun of the Dead

James Arthur

James Andrew Arthur is a British singer and songwriter who originates from the town of Middlesbrough. His rise to fame came from the TV reality show The X Factor in 2012 in which he won. His debut album reaching number one in the UK charts within the first week of its release. This then followed by a single that reached number 2 on the charts ‘You’re Nobody ‘til Somebody Loves You’ and then a self-titled album in November 2013, that reached the number 2 spot in the UK Albums Charts.

John Barry

John Barry is well known for his contribution to the film industry for his musical scores. His most noteworthy work is with the James Bond films. John Barry composed the musical scores for James Bond from 1963 to 1987. He also arranged and performed the James Bond Theme for the first film in the franchise. John Barry was born in the city of York. His work isn’t only accredited to the James Bond series but also composed scores for films such as Dances with Wolves Out of Africa.