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How to Choose the Best Removal Company

Posted on December 27, 2017 by Peter Donaldson

Whether it is a big or small task, you should always hire a specialised removals company to help you move out your home. Though it may sound like packing up isn’t a challenge, there are so many factors that can be all solved by the experts such as correctly heavy lifting, packing fragile items – not to mention all the stresses that come with moving and the gruelling lifting.

Choosing the Best Removal Company

The British Association of Removers (BAR), is dedicated to promoting professional excellence for different businesses in the Removals Industry. When selecting a removal company, make sure they are a member of BAR because this will show that the company have the appropriate and professional training, to help you with your big move. This is because BAR has firm but fair requirements for all their members, a couple include operating from licensed commercial premises, only employing suitably trained as well as qualified staff and more.

The Costs

You know you have chosen the right removal company when they talk clearly and openly about every one of their charges and how you can make the move cheaper. Many businesses will offer discounts if you help them out, for example gathering your own packing supplies and helping the removal company with the packing. It’s significant to be mindful about moving to a new house at peak times, such as the school holidays and Saturdays. Moving at these peak times will make it more expensive because of the high demand. One last piece of advice is to compare moving box costs as they may be cheaper to buy from the removal company you are with rather than somewhere else.


The cost of the move depends on each situation, such as the amount you are moving and how far. Which is why it’s best to get several quotes from different removal companies, this will give you a heads up on how much you are looking at when it comes to costs. Taking the time to do this way before the move date will help you stay organised and efficient for the move.

When selecting the quote that’s right, use this list of factors to think about when deciding which quote is best for you:

  • Does your quote include packaging materials or is this an extra addon?
  • Are they insured to move your high-value items?
  • Does the removal firm offer their own packing service?
  • Does the removal company visit your property rather than just estimating the cost over the phone?
  • Think about breaking down the quote into insurance, packing, hourly rate, mileage and storage costs.


As well as breaking down the quote, ensure you understand everything that the removal companies’ insurance covers. This insurance should cover any breakages or damage to your items or home. This is the number one priority to check when looking at insurance. If you have any high-value items check if these items are covered by the insurance as well or if they may need any special packaging (for items like antiques and pictures). Be careful with any delicate items if you are doing some of the packing yourself, this will be cost-effective however the insurance will not cover any items that you pack.

Stay Organised

Moving can be a hectic process, but keeping on top of everything and staying organised is extremely vital for a stress-free move. Ensure that you have explained the entirety of details to the removals company that they will need to know, such as

  • How many flights of stairs are there?
  • Is there enough space to bring big items down the stairs?
  • Will furniture fit through doors?
  • Any alternative access routes throughout the house?
  • Label your boxes for which room the items will be going into the new house, this way the removal company will put the box in the specified rooms for you.
  • Use this opportunity to get rid of any unwanted items hiding in your home, give to charity or even make some money from these items.
  • Dismantling big furniture ahead of time

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