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How to keep your stress levels low when moving house

Posted on November 29, 2017 by Peter Donaldson

We all agree that moving house is never an easy task. When the time for moving comes, we can’t help but find ourselves in a situation where we become stressed due to what the whole thing entails. This is harmful to the overall health of the body and can be harmful in the long run. Hence, when the day arrives, we should be able to make the move without increasing our stress levels. To do this, you can use the following ideas.

1. Plan in advance
Everyone prefers to make the move very first and reduce the amount of time they expose themselves to the stressful tasks. However, without proper organization, it won’t be a quick affair as you’d want. So, basically, you need to set the date, organize your packing, have a checklist and ensure you’re not late.

2. Delegate/Get help
It’s easy to assume that you can complete a move single-handedly. This is far from the truth. On the ground, you’ll need some help. Use the help of family and friends. The family and friends option would be best if you are the social type of person. After the ordeal, you can even throw a party. This will significantly reduce the amount of stress in your body.

3. Be orderly
Using boxes to pack similar things is a great way to achieve some order. Some people find it easier to chuckle up things anyhow without caring to separate them according to groups. While this is true at the point of packing, at the other end, it’s a terrible nightmare that will cause a lot of stress.

4. Have a to-do list
When moving, a to-do list can be of extreme help. This list helps you prioritize well and hence, you’ll be able to each task at its own time. If you realize that any of the tasks do not fall at its stipulated slot, it is warning sign that things are just about to get stressful. Therefore, create the list and use it to the letter.

5. Pack up an emergency box
The importance of an emergency box cannot be reiterated enough. You’ll need to pack things like tea, clothing, toaster, kettles and kids’ supplies. This will solve problems that may arise with kids and yourself as well.

6. Eat some healthy foods
These foods are a source of energy and help deal with mood swings. To concentrate better and stay focused, you’ll also need to have some water by your side at all times. Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

7. Get some break
If you realize that your stress levels start rising over the move, it’s better to take some time for a break. During this break, you can meditate; take 30 minutes reading or a few minutes to work out. This will reduce the amount of pressure that you may be feeling.

8. Be active
A good way to reduce stress is by engaging in exercises. You can go for a jog. You can take a break from moving house to engage in exercise.

9. Visit your new area
If you are new to the area, ensure you visit in advance and interacted with your new neighbours. This is also an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the nature of the landscape in your new home.

10. Hire a professional removals company
With a professional removals company, you give all the tasks to them. You can have them also participate in a pre-visit with you to enable them to know the new place better.