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International removals to and from Oxford 

Posted on May 31, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
International removals to and from Oxford 

Are you heading to Oxford to study this September? 

Famous throughout the world for its university and medieval charm, Oxford abounds in culture and history.  If you are coming to Oxford to learn, teach or research, it is bound to be a significant moment in time for you.  At Isis removals, we are experts in assisting people to move to and from Oxford from near and far. With a range of solutions for whatever situation you may be facing, we are happy to assist you so that you can focus on the process of relocating and preparing yourself for this next threshold in life.  Oxford is a prestigious, safe, and friendly place that guarantees a full cultural immersion.  If you are aspiring for success, you can be inspired by the fact that Oxford has the most published writers per square mile than anywhere in the world.

International Moving variables 

Student life can be a transient time, involving many moves and changes of residence.  Frequent changes in accommodation, travelling back in the holidays, even moving country, and then back again.  Without private means of transport, this can be a real headache. Luckily, there are experts on hand to talk you through the process and to assist with challenges such as international removals, visa requirements, and any customs bureaucracy that may require skillful navigation.  You may not have accommodation organized yet, in which case we can advise storage solutions and delivery in accord with your changing plans.  If you need to arrive in the city first to find accommodation, utilizing storage initially can be a great way to slowly arrive.  We understand there is a great need for flexibility within a relocation, so our packages are always adaptable to your needs.  It may also be the first time you are moving out of home or travelling abroad, so let us walk you through the process to endure it is stress free. 

Moving to Oxford from overseas 

An international move is a major shift, usually involving a lot of transition.  To make sure it flows smoothly we can advise and arrange everything so all you have to provide is your signature, and certain reference numbers. These are processes we can talk you through stage by stage. We have an international moving checklist that will help you stay on top of everything and not feel overwhelmed. And we’re available by email or telephone, whenever you need support, guidance, moving tips, and extra know-how.  Once we have agreed on a moving plan, we will be with you every step of the way.  Leaving you to focus on finding accommodation, researching healthcare, visas, economy, and learning about the new culture that you will be participating in. 

Isis Removals in Oxford 

As an international removals company, we have a fully global reach and can advise and assist you if you are planning to come to Oxford to study, have been here for a while, or need to relocate abroad.  International moves can be very daunting, but with our experience, we can map out a plan for you and eliminate the anxiety which can arise with all the requirements.  With precision and expertise, we will be able to plan every part of your move, so that you have a structure and support all through the process.  Each week we help people leave and return to Oxford, with a range of solutions for whatever problems could arise.  With ten years of experience, our efficient team can handle an international removal, freeing you up to focus on what is most important for you in this transition.  We can advise on business storage, personal storage, and international removals and have a great man and van service for nipping about town with. 

International Network 

Since we’re part of the Master Removers Group, we’re linked into a network of removals experts stretching across the planet, with access to depots all over Britain and beyond. We have moving personnel on the ground in the United States, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Africa, South Africa, and beyond. That’s why we’re able to move you abroad without handing over parts of the job to unverified third parties (standard practice with other companies). You, your belongings and your moving requirements will only ever be handled by fully-vetted partners, so you never have to worry about falling into unknown hands. Every week, we move people to France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Paris and Brussels as well as a host of non-European destinations.

Planning your international move 

Based on cost and your preferences we can decide whether your goods will travel by air, sea or road.  Obviously, if you are coming for the start of term, you will have a schedule to be aware of, and it is important to factor in settling in time.  As modern life is fast paced, you may want to evaluate based on costs and timings in order to make the best decisions.  Our moving experts can guide you to the choice that makes the most sense for your move. 

  • Sea freight is a good value option beyond Europe
  • By road is faster and within Europe is also cheaper
  • Air is more costly but swifter

While these are guidelines, we appreciate that your timings are crucial, and when you give us the details of your move and the dates, we can come together to tailor solutions that are the most efficient and effective for you. When accommodation is an unknown factor and there may be a need for storage initially, we can factor in transportation and then an easy access storage plan, until you are established at your new address.  Brainstorming solutions with you is what we are here for, and once we have an itinerary planned, we will set it out clearly as the guide for your relocation. 

Fees and Quotations 

Once we have the scale of your move, we can assign you a Moving Planner to oversee your situation. Moving Planners are individuals with an excellent track record of customer service in this department.  Our team takes into consideration your budget and then advises a plan according to your ideal expenditure.  Part of our service is preventing additional costs by eliminating unseen obstacles along the way.  For larger moves, we can guarantee your belongings will be in their own shipping container, rather than a shared one.   If you have an idea of your dates and requirements, get in touch for a free quote to start your journey to Oxford today.   Don’t just take our word for it, there are plenty of Google reviews to confirm that Isis is the master removals company for Oxford.