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Packing Tips for Your Move

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
Packing Tips for Your Move

Moving house is stressful and making sure your belongings reach your new home intact isn’t easy. And there is no worse feeling than you’re leaving anything behind, and this can be distracting and worrying. However, Isis Removals knows every trick in the book for a successful move and how to pack effectively to avoid damage occurring.

After that, you can leave it up to Isis Removals to deliver your possessions to your new abode safely so you can get on with enjoying the latest chapter of your life. We’ll also give you some simple reminders during the planning stages. Here are a few tips we have compiled to help get you through the final part of your house move with as little hassle as possible.

A Simple Five-Part Relocation Plan –

To give you a helpful overview of the best tips, we’re going to discuss five general points in this blog. If you follow them, you’ll increase the chances of a successful relocation without many or any issues occurring. This isn’t exhaustive, so feel free to amend and add parts that suit your needs and situation. But it’s an excellent place to begin, which is where most people struggle with initially.

We’ll note the benefits of getting a few tasks on the board today, and yes, we mean the same day you’re reading this article. By doing this, you’ll begin your planning in the correct mindset and strive to make consistent progress. Then we’ll discuss how to pack an essentials box for the moving day and why that’s vital for when you arrive. You’ll feel more in control when you have some provisions ready.

Your valuables should be separate from the other boxes in the moving van. We’ll explain why this is necessary and how to do it correctly. Then we’ll round things off by giving you advice on the best methods to ensure you safely pack your possessions. And why it’s essential to book with a top company like Isis Removals to perform the relocation for you.

Start Planning Your Move Early –

Please don’t leave your packing until the last minute; it’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Plan it strategically and start in the room you use least such as a spare bedroom or a dining room. When one room is fully packed, use it to store everything you pack, so you don’t have boxes littering the house and taking up your living spaces.

We suggest starting this early to give yourself more time to complete every task. When we prepare and start earlier, we can respond to any problems if or when they arise. You might also have unforeseen things to tackle that aren’t involved with the move. This might side-track and cut into your preparation time significantly. By giving yourself a head start, you’ll avoid the panic and stress that comes with losing precious time before the moving day.

It’s a combination of organisation and self-care that gives you the upper hand. Why stress when you can do things in manageable chunks? It will help to put together a moving checklist to focus and remain on track. Then you can split larger tasks into smaller parts to make them more straightforward action points.

Put Together an Essentials Box –

On the day you move in, you will not be able to unpack anywhere near as much as you would like to. Make sure you put together a box of essentials such as food for dinner and breakfast the next day, some fresh clothes, and toiletries you will need. This way, you will feel far more relaxed than if you had to traipse through every box to find your toothbrush.

We also suggest putting the following items in this box and possibly a second one:

  • A kettle with its cable
  • At least two cups (adults) and another two plastic ones (kids)
  • Paracetamol (adults) and paracetamol syrup (kids)
  • Coffee sachets/jar and tea bags/jar
  • Three or four large bottles of water
  • Snacks – durable fruit (apples, pears, etc.), some sweets, crisps
  • Torch plus batteries (in case of an electrical issue)
  • Portable heater (in case of a boiler issue)
  • Spare blankets and pillows
  • Plasters and TCP
  • Optional: Bottle of pop for the kids and sparkling wine to open for the adults

Much like the previous advice – this list isn’t comprehensive. Please amend to include any specific daily medication you need to hand. If you have babies or toddlers, add some nappies, dummies, formula, milk bottles, and anything else they need. The last thing you need is an inconsolable baby who won’t settle on the day you arrive.

Be Sensible when You Start Packing –

Pack heavy items in small boxes so that they are easier to lift; you do not want to be injuring yourself for the sake of an ornament. Also, avoid overfilling boxes because it will cause problems when you come to unpack. It will resemble a jumble of items and will demotivate you due to a longer sorting time. Additionally, you increase the chances of the cardboard sides and base collapsing if the container becomes too heavy.

You’ll need to source new or sturdy second-hand boxes to use for the relocation. Do so in plenty of time – not the day or week before the moving day. Additionally, try to avoid getting moving boxes from the local shop or supermarket. They’re usually compromised through overuse and being in damp storage conditions. This breaks down the integrity of the cardboard, and it loses its strength.

It’s usually a good idea to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals rather than causing yourself an injury from picking things up incorrectly. We can also add a packing service into your removals package. Our team will discuss the arrival and completion times to confirm that they works for everyone. That’s the advantage of working with a reputable moving company.

Keep Documents and Valuables Separate –

Have all your documents organised in a filing system and keep them separate. Putting them in a box means you may never be able to find it. Make sure everything is ordered so that if for whatever reason you need something whilst the move is in full swing, you can easily access it. You also could lose documents if you do not have them in a safe place whilst relocating.

You should treat your valuables and documents with special care and apply different actions when you prepare. Some of these items are difficult or impossible to replace. Specifically, put irreplaceable and sentimental items to one side. You’ll load these last in the van, so they’re the first containers to take off and unpack.

It might be wise to keep them with you to go with your essentials box in the car. The main thing has the reassurance that they won’t come into contact with bulkier objects. This is another bonus of working with Isis Removals and the difference in quality. We have experts who know how to pack a removal van to reduce issues with contact during transit.

Book a Moving Company with High Standards –

It’s vital to use a reliable moving company for your relocation, and we’ll go through how to achieve this. You can accomplish this by asking for recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. There’s another way to give you more insight into how they’ll likely perform on the day. You can do this via using online reviews and contacting prospective companies directly.

The first action point is to check their Google and Trustpilot sites to see their overall ratings. It’s essential to go with providers with scores over four overall, preferably with lots of five-star scores. Then it will be best if you read previous customer reviews to see who has positive feedback and vice versa. You will also obtain three quotes to compare prices from different moving companies.

This will give you a balance of costs and the levels of customer service they attain. You’ll then increase the chances of a positive experience when you weigh up both points. We’re confident Isis Removals has everything you need, and we give you the best of customer care and service delivery. We have a firm commitment to providing the highest standards of removals and storage.

Isis Removals – Keeping You on Track for a Successful Relocation –

By using the tips that we detail in this blog, you’ll have a much better chance of a positive moving experience. Furthermore, our team will guide you through the planning stages, sending you prompts and reminders if you require a bit of extra assistance. It’s all part of our drive to achieve the highest customer service standards for every move we perform.

The removal company you choose to work with can make or break your chances of a successful relocation. At Isis Removals, we take the utmost care and tailor our services to match your needs perfectly. We facilitate the smoothest removals and storage services in Oxford, Oxfordshire, and the surrounding areas.

To arrange or speak to someone about a potential move, click here, and we’ll begin assessing your upcoming relocation. Alternatively, you can call us on 01865 770 227 or request a call-back.