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Planning a move? Here are some top tips on how to make it hassle-free

Posted on April 27, 2018 by Peter Donaldson

Moving house has been found out to be more stressful than most other things that people deem to be filled with stress such as divorce or broken relationships. This is a fact that has been supported by research. Therefore, it’s an important practice to lower the level of stress during this time as much as possible by following certain tips. In this way, we’ll sure reduce the level of stress that we go through during such times to safe levels. The following are the top tips that you can use to make moving house a hassle-free affair:

1. Start Way Before The Material Day

For a number of reasons, most people would want to leave all the moving tasks for the material day. Such reasons may include the fact that you may still need to use many your items, you don’t want your house to be cluttered with boxes or you don’t want to interfere with the pets and children etc. However, you don’t necessarily have to start boxing the huge items that you may still need to use. You can start with smaller items that you may not need to necessarily use weeks before the moving day. Start with these ones ahead of time to lessen the job on the day.

2. Arrange for the care of the children and pets

Children and pets can face a lot of stress during the move. So, before the moving day, it would be a great idea to arrange for their care before that day. This can significantly reduce how much they’ll be affected by the move.

Moving day with dog
3. De-clutter

There may be a number of items in the house that are actually not useful to you anymore. You can get rid of so much clutter or junk by selling, donating or binning any of the stuff that is no longer useful to you and therefore doesn’t need packing.

4.Label the boxes and the bags

You’re likely to use different boxes for different categories of your belongings. For instance, some boxes may contain national insurance numbers, passport or certificates. These should have a special system of marking to avoid any unnecessary mix-up. Indicating the room from which each of these items was moved isn’t enough. Individual boxes and bags should also be properly labelled.

5. Leave the bathroom and kitchen for last

These are the two rooms that are used most in the house. They should leave for last to avoid interruptions that may cause stress.

6. Ensure that your belongings have insurance

Content insurance for the items being moved needs to be in place. However, the removals company you use should also have a cover for your items as well.

7. Take pictures of anything that is dismantled

Putting certain things back once dismantled can prove to be tricky. So, a great idea is to take pictures of anything you think might give you problem putting back together.

8. Seek the help of professionals

Most people underestimate the task of moving house. As a result, they assume that they can do it without getting help from a professional company. Such people end up with a lot of work that results in a lot of stress. A removals company can really be of great help in reducing stress.

Organising moving day
9. Make a checklist

Having an inventory of all your belongings may seem to be a daunting task but it’s worth it. It helps with organization and a move free of hassles.

10. Keep essential items in a laundry box or a separate box

Things such as tea bags, kettle, and water filter should be set aside so that you can easily reach for them when the need arises.


This is an outline of the top 10 tips that will ensure that moving house becomes as hassle-free as possible. Try them out and you’ll understand how simple they may be but have the ability to change the situation of moving house.