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Remote Working System for Your Employees in Oxford

Posted on February 22, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Remote Working System for Your Employees in Oxford

With the end date for lockdown restrictions fast approaching, many business owners are cautious about pinning their hopes on this happening. While it’s true that Covid-19 cases are falling, this pandemic has been an unpredictable journey. That’s why a certain level of scepticism is making businesses think twice about how they’re operating. Is it worth looking into a remote working set-up for your employees?

It’s clear that remote working isn’t a fad and has a much longer shelf life than previously thought. At Isis Removals, we believe it’s here to stay, and the likelihood of more companies signing up is high. If you’re thinking of ways to reduce your expenses in the long run, it’s worth considering. And we can help you put together each home office. 

Remote Working – Bright Ideas for Oxford’s Business Community –

Remote working isn’t a new business innovation; self-employed people have been working from home for several decades. This recent return to its popularity is necessary for the lockdown and a need for people to work from home. Some of the benefits of remote working in the 21st century are things like technology. Advancements now make it possible for people to host meetings online, as well as using cloud systems to save and share work.

A lot more companies who previously were unable to see themselves using this set-up are making the change over to it. Not every company can do this as some require their staff to physically be there to work, with construction being an example. But if a decent number of businesses take part in remote working, it will benefit everyone, especially for lower carbon emissions and less traffic.

The expectations and norms of how businesses run are changing, and companies need to adapt to survive the limitations of operating during a pandemic. Although there’s hope returning and vaccines helping, there’s still a need to think of ways to reduce overheads. An initial set-up cost but possible ways of making savings. Businesses in Oxford and all over the UK were increasingly aware of the benefits. 

For some business owners, the costs of rent were becoming a problem during the lockdown. Now they can evaluate their current workspaces and calculate whether a relocation to a cheaper building would reduce their rent and rates costs. These are a few things to consider, and we’ll go into more detail about the hands-on aspects of setting up home offices.

Performing an Assessment Before Converting –

The first thing you’ll need to work out is whether there’s a room available to turn into an office space. The most suitable option for those with a spare guest room would be to convert it. However, you’ll need to think about the home’s value which we’ll cover in the next section. Alternatively, a garage or loft are viable options but will require a bit more work. However, this would likely mean additional insulation and adding electricity points.

The other possible option we suggest is partitioning a space in your employee’s house or flat. Many people with one or two-bed flats can separate part of their bedroom or living room to make a workspace. This might also be the most cost-effective choice and will cause the least disruption. Every feature will be portable, which might also be favourable. 

Depending on your team’s size, you’ll have to do this multiple times and coordinate with every individual before committing to anything. It would help if you had someone to share the workload with, so utilise at least one employee to act as your assistant. Note everything down as you meet with your staff and go through an assessment with them. Then you can share the information with us, and we’ll begin putting a strategy together to create your remote working system.

Things to Consider Before You Start Work –

It’s essential to take your time and do lots of research because you don’t want to affect your team member’s property value negatively. A complete room conversion does result in the loss of a room, which does pose a potential issue. However, we’re not suggesting you try to determine this or commit to any decisions. There are experts who can assess before any work begins.

You’ll need to seek some expert advice and assistance from an estate agent. If you put together a plan of the room conversion, they’ll be able to assess the impact on the property’s value. Then your employee can weigh up the pros and cons of going ahead with the project. If this might harm the house’s valuation, we would suggest considering a different approach.

Also, make sure your employee’s property doesn’t have the designation of being listed. Even slight modifications on some properties need to have official approval before work begins. If this applies to your situation, get in touch with your local council and discuss the job specifications. They’ll be able to tell you if this will cause issues to avoid any nasty surprises.

The Physical Set-Up of Your Employee’s Workstation –

Now we’re moving into the nuts and bolts of setting up home offices. This checklist guide outlines how an actual home office set-up requires. In this section, we’re listing the vital steps and considerations so your employees can start working remotely as soon as possible.

A dedicated workspace – a vital component for remote working. Distractions equal delays, which invariably leads to a drop in productivity. Ask your staff members to go through every room in your house to see if you can convert them into a home office. They can adapt a section of their lounge or bedroom and cordon off with a portable divider for apartments.

No TV, no streaming, no problem – even catching up on the news can lead to bad habits. Please discuss this with your employee and suggest they consider this when choosing the dedicated work area. Remember to do this in an honest, non-confrontational way. 

Selling goods and services – if your company sells goods and services; you’ll have to cover any applicable business rates. This is your responsibility as a business owner. Here’s a helpful link for you to read to understand the regulations. 

Multi-purpose equipment – An excellent way to maximise a workspace is to use appliances with several functions. Additionally, you can discuss the possibility of furniture which folds away if they have limited space.

Stick to the essentials – It’s possible to use these four things to create a home office: a decent chair, a desk, a computer, and an internet connection. It’s probably a good idea to invest in an office chair with enough back support. And installing fibre will help avoid any sluggish connection or buffering for your online meetings.

Using Self Storage During the Process –

Before any room conversions or modifications can start, you’ll need to create more space, especially if your employees live in smaller properties. Additionally, you can save money by renting one larger storage unit and using it for everyone. By moving everything out before you start any work, you’ll speed up the process. Isis Removals has a range of storage options to ensure their belongings are safe and secure.

Container storage is often the choice for people who need long-term storage, and there are limitations on how often you can access these units. You’ll likely need regular access, so the most suitable choice will be our Self Storage package. We’ll assess your requirements thoroughly and advise the best storage option, as well as what size storage space you’ll need.

We have a range of storage packages to choose from, making it possible to accommodate everyone’s requirements. This applies to domestic and business customers, and we have a variety of storage unit sizes for you to choose from. And should your circumstances change, we can always upgrade or downsize your storage unit accordingly.

Isis Removals – We Can Do the Work for You –

At Isis Removals, we understand businesses must make changes to how they approach their daily operations. It’s about more than immediate survival – there’s a long-term need to alter how companies operate. By lowering expenses and using self storage and man and van services to reduce your outgoings, it’s possible to enact a budget to prosper once things return to normal.

The Covid-19 pandemic caught everyone off guard and left thousands of businesses in Oxford and the UK with serious issues. However, out of this sudden seismic shift came something unexpected. Rather than give up, an old idea was revisited. Remote working is now in the mainstream, allowing people to perform their work tasks from their house or apartment. 

Isis Removals make a point of keeping up to date with current business trends. We do this to see if it’s possible to take our existing removals and storage packages to transfer for a new service. This is how we started setting up home offices and workspaces. Our team can collect materials, assemble office furniture, install IT systems, and provide you with professional referrals to reputable tradespeople. 

Isis Removals – Supporting Innovation and Business Solutions in Oxford –

Isis Removals works with thousands of sole proprietors and business owners every year, offering various services to match everyone’s needs. And if you’re looking into how remote working might benefit your business, there’s plenty of things to consider. Hopefully, this article will give you some practical pointers and advice on how to begin the process.

Customer service is a priority for our company, and we strive to go beyond our customer’s expectations on every job. That’s why we began setting up home offices during the first lockdown, and we’re continuing this service today. Our range of removals and storage services is ideal for covering every aspect of making an office in a house or apartment.

If you would like more information about creating a remote working system for your business, please contact us today. We’ll discuss how we can help you set-up home offices for your staff.