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Removals Checklist for a Stress Free Move

Posted on July 28, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Removals Checklist for a Stress Free Move

There’s no denying it; moving house is a big event.  With so much to do, it can very quickly start to feel overwhelming.  The best way to cope with an imminent move is to break down the jobs that need doing into smaller chunks. That way, they can be easily managed, and you can avoid becoming overly stressed. What’s more, you’ll know how to regain focus by creating a plan for your entire relocation.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow us a free pass to get on with organising our relocation. We have to juggle looking after the kids, preparing dinner, and that’s when you get home from a busy day at work. It gets overwhelming, and because of this, important things are forgotten by mistake. And that’s where issues usually start. We’ll discuss the merits of a moving checklist to help keep you on course.

The Importance of a Moving House Checklist –

Stress-proof your next relocation by following our simple checklist.  Start early – remember the sooner you start preparing, the less painful it will be in the end.  Leaving everything late guarantees a torrid final week, and this will filter into other parts of your move. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to balance your work duties and family time as well.

We’re a member of the Master Removers Group, and we utilise this elite network when we have long-distance removals jobs. Not only that, but they also have a wealth of knowledge readily available to read on their website. Click here to read another useful resource when moving to a new home. The general rule of thumb is to do as much research as possible from credible sources.

By the end of this blog, you’ll have a far broader base of information to access. The result will be a smoother relocation with fewer problems to deal with. That’s because you’ll be able to identify any potential niggles before they happen. Furthermore, we’ll suggest a couple of backup measures in case of an emergency to make sure you’re able to think fast and act calmly.

Two Months – Things to Start As Soon As Possible –

We’re using a rough estimate of eight weeks for the following tasks, but proactive movers are welcome to begin this earlier. It’s time to declutter to reduce items you’re moving with. The aim is to decrease the overall volume of objects going into the removal’s van, which might also save you money. Ultimately, it’s pointless retaining things you rarely or never use. So, it’s time to sell, donate, repurpose, or recycle.

Next, we’ll discuss where you should use a moving checklist and suggest adding any points specific to your move. Your target should be to clear at least a couple of tasks per week leading up to the big moving day. Additionally, incorporate a blank calendar so you know the countdown and weeks until your relocation. With this in mind, start requesting quotes from moving companies to compare prices and online rating scores.

The reason behind this is to achieve a balance between good value for money and a high standard of service. If you book with Isis Removals, our team will be with you at every stage of your relocation. This includes assistance with planning, packing on a moving day, and reminding you of essential tasks to ensure you don’t miss anything out.

One Month – The Moving Day is Close –

If you’re on or around the four-week mark, it’s time to confirm the moving date and make significant progress on the financial side of things. This means getting your solicitor and all parties to agree on any outstanding points and set a date for completion. You’ll need to make sure all payments are made well in advance of moving day, specifically to avoid a Friday deadline transfer. You can click here to read why that’s important. Avoiding a delay because of a late payment happens more often than people are aware of.

If you haven’t already pencilled in a moving day, it’s time to make some concrete bookings for a removals service to confirm you can relocate on that specific day. Make sure to check ratings, BAR affiliation and if they have a quality policy. Accountability and customer service should factor into any final decision. Furthermore, discuss cover with your insurance company regarding the move to see if you need to upgrade your policy.

You can also start packing boxes of things you don’t use daily or regularly. Our suggestion is to contact us to speak about our self storage options. Using a storage unit makes it possible to pack and store full boxes, giving you more space without additional clutter getting in the way. Similarly, you should collect packing materials like moving boxes and supplies. Alternatively, ask the Isis Removals team about the possibility of us packing for you on the day.

Two Weeks – Packing Should Begin –

It’s a fortnight away from your moving day, so let’s tell anyone who holds your confidential information about it. You should list all your service providers and prepare to update them with the new address and date of departure. Record the meter readings and discuss everything with your gas and electric suppliers. Remember to take a photo or video of this as you may need it in the event of a dispute. You’ll also notify the Oxford City Council to avoid council tax and other municipal charges.

Some other examples of people and businesses to include on this list are your doctor, healthcare organisations, the opticians, your bank and anyone else who has your records. Send them your new address and speak to the Post Office to prevent mail from arriving once you’ve left. They’ll require a forwarding address as well.

Regarding the packing side of things, it’s time to crank up the process a few gears. However, it’s crucial that you don’t rush into the task and start chucking things into boxes indiscriminately. Any glassware needs plenty of bubble wrap or newspaper for padding. And remember to wrap them individually. Keep fragile items to pack in the van last to avoid collisions in the removal vehicle. 

One Week – Final Week of the Big Move –

We’re now on the final stretch of the pre-move stage. You’ll have to defrost the fridge-freezer and prepare other appliances. You might need to plan a week or several days without storing food, so make sure you have enough prepared beforehand. This might be a good idea to have a takeaway budget for the final few days. You can also prepare food and warm in the microwave and use a cool box.

If you’re leaving home with lots of friendly neighbours, why not arrange a final going away dinner or party? For people with young families, you’ll need to consider closure and the effect moving has on little ones. Plus, you’re also leaving behind lots of memories, so it’s worth making some final ones before you set off.

And here’s the big final tip – contact Isis Removals to recheck everything’s on track from our side of things. Then repeat this for any other service providers you’re relying on. This includes the solicitors and anyone else in the mortgage circle. It’s crucial no delays in payment happen, and you are ready to collect the new keys on time.

It also can’t hurt to go over all your packing again to ensure there’s clear labelling on the outside of each box. Create an inventory of your possessions if you haven’t done so yet. Click here for home inventory apps, but it’s also possible to have a simple pen and paper list. Another practical point for the night before the move. Have a bag ready for your journey to the new house and include snacks, water, tissues, possibly car sickness medication. Perform a dry run of the route you’ll take – whether that’s a physical copy of a map or Google Maps.

The Moving Day – a Final Recap –

The big day is now here, and because of your dedication to preparation, everything should fall into place. That’s only because of the hard work on your part and booking with us. It’s not a coincidence and is the direct consequence of thorough planning. Wise choices will inevitably pay off, even if they require more initial effort on your part.

You can now take final meter readings and send them to your gas and electric company with an instruction to send out a final bill. Turn off the electricity and make sure all the sockets are off at the wall. As our team loads every box, you can do a walkthrough to check for any minor issues. We always suggest having a clean-up after the boxes and furniture are loaded. You might consider a professional cleaning company to save you time.

Now it’s onwards and upwards as you embark on the next chapter of your lives. There’s still plenty of things for you to do when you arrive, and we’ll cover that in our next blog.

Moving House with Isis Removals in Oxford –

By following this moving checklist and tackling the jobs one at a time, you’ll be able to take as much stress out of your house sale as possible. Plus, you’ll see every part of your move, both in smaller action points and as larger tasks. We always suggest breaking things into more manageable chunks to make them more straightforward to tackle.

The removal company you choose is incredibly important.  At Isis Removals, we take the utmost care and tailor our services to match your needs perfectly.  We facilitate the smoothest removals and storage services in Oxford, Oxfordshire, and the surrounding areas. Our excellent range of services is also available for national and European relocations.

To arrange or to speak to someone about a potential move, click here, and we’ll begin assessing your upcoming relocation. Alternatively, you can call us on 01865 770 227 or request a call-back.