Removals Checklist for a Stress Free Move

Posted on December 22, 2012 by Peter Donaldson

There’s no denying it, moving house is a big event.  There’s a lot to do and it can very quickly start to feel overwhelming.  The best way to cope with an imminent move is to break down the jobs that need doing into smaller chunks.  That way, they can be easily managed and you can avoid becoming overly stressed.

Moving House Checklist

Stress-proof your house move by following our simple checklist.  Start early – remember the sooner you start preparing, the less painful it will be in the end.  Leaving everything late guarantees a torrid move.

•    Gather your belongings into organised boxes, using colour codes to indicate which room
the contents are from.

•    Make sure you have the correct level of insurance to cover your house move and
your belongings.

•    Get in contact with us to arrange a date for your big move and ask any questions.  This will also give you a deadline to organise yourself around.

•    Make special arrangements for bulky items such as pianos or valuables you want moving.

•    If you plan to take time off work, book it early enough in advance.

•    Cancel your bills and set up accounts for the new property.  Notify banks, doctors and anyone else you plan to stay in contact with of your new address.

•    Buy plenty of bubble wrap and use it to keep items safe as they journey to their new home.

By following this checklist, and tackling the jobs one at a time, you’ll be able to take as much stress out of your house sale as possible.

Moving House with IRIS Removals

The removal company you choose is incredibly important.  At IRIS Removals, we take the utmost care and tailor our services to perfectly match your needs.  We facilitate the smoothest removals Oxford can offer.  To arrange your move or speak to someone about a potential move, call us on 01865 770 227.