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Isis International Removals – Oxford’s Leading Overseas Movers

As well as moving people from Oxfordshire to anywhere in the UK and back, we’re an experienced international removals company, with a fully global reach. We can relocate you to any and every country or return you here when your time abroad is over. We’ll plan every part of the move around your precise requirements, making sure it’s a stress-free process, mitigating any moving-anxiety you might be feeling. All the competence and courtesy for which our domestic services are renowned apply equally to our overseas moving jobs. We’ve built up over ten years of expertise and every week new clients benefit from our friendly, efficient and professional approach to international removals.

The Destinations

Since we’re part of the Master Removers Group, we’re hooked into a network of removals experts stretching across the planet, with access to depots all over Britain and beyond. We have moving personnel on the ground in the United States, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Africa, South Africa and elsewhere. That’s why we’re able to move you abroad without handing over parts of the job to unverified third parties (standard practice with other companies). You, your belongings and your moving requirements will only ever be handled by fully-vetted partners, so you never have to worry about falling into unknown hands. Every week, we move people to France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Paris and Brussels as well as a host of non-European destinations.

Worry-free Overseas Moving

Our aim at Isis is to move your abroad while taking on the stress ourselves. We want you to be able to continue focussing on your own life, rather than having to deal with every last complexity and frustration of the moving process. That’s for us to worry about. You can task us with as many aspects of the move as you wish. We can supply the packing materials, we can pack up your home and do all the loading and unloading before unpacking you at the other end, leaving you in a fully-functioning home environment. We’ll look after every detail regarding transport and delivery, and we’ll dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ‘t’s, so that nothing is left to chance. We have forward-planning experts who’ll thoroughly strategise your move, making sure you know what documentation needs to be signed and when.

To make a start, you can call Isis and we’ll provide a telephone consultation/survey. Alternatively, we can arrange a visit to your home. Either way, you’ll get a free, detailed quotation, taking into account your exact requirements, your budget and your schedule. We’ll outline in clear English the intended itinerary for getting your possessions from point A to point B.

We understand how potentially wearying and even frightening a move of this scale can feel. That’s why, the moment we’re on the case, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The knotty and complicated bureaucracy arising from an international move is something we know all about. We’ll arrange everything so that all you have to provide is your signature. We have an international moving checklist which will help you stay on top of everything and not feel overwhelmed. And we’re available by email or telephone, whenever you need support, guidance, moving tips and extra know-how.

Quotations and Fees

No matter your intended moving timeline or the restraints of your budget, Isis can help you relocate overseas. We can devise moves for all sizes of wallet. We’ll assign you with a Moving Planner, so you have a central point of contact who can keep you apprised of the latest developments. Your Moving Planner will always be someone with appropriate and relevant experience, with a proven track-record of excellence in the removals industry.

We can help you keep costs down, too. For example, if your move is smaller in its requirements (e.g. a studio flat’s-worth of goods), then your belongings can travel as a part-load, sharing a moving consignment with other clients. With larger moves, we will always advise you of ways we can help you stay on budget, but your belongings will have their own unique shipping container rather than a shared one.

International Moving Options

There’s an array of ways to make the big move and relocate abroad. From sea to air to road, you can choose which way you’d like your goods to travel. By sea, you’ll need to allow six weeks to two months for your belongings to reach their destination. Air, by contrast, is a mere seven to ten days. Our moving experts can guide you to the choice that makes the most sense for your move. For example, sea freight tends to be a good-value option for destinations beyond Europe. Road is faster and, for European destinations, less expensive, too.

Start Today

Do you already have an idea of what your move requires? Then fill out our online quotation form to get a quick quote. If you’re not as far ahead in the process or your have a move that’s more complex, call us and we’ll visit you in person to conduct a survey. Telephone consultations are available on xxxx xxxxx.

The good news is that from the moment you get in touch, your move becomes easier. You’re already well on your way to an international move and, with Isis on the case, you will be delighted by how much more straightforward and calm a