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Student Storage In Oxford

£1+VAT per box, per week!

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The Best Student Storage in Oxford

ISIS Removals has a range of Student Storage services available. Our facilities are in Oxford, where we work with hundreds of domestic and business customers every week. We aim to make storage as straightforward as possible, especially for people using the service for the first time.

Storage has multiple purposes; some everyone will recognise, but other benefits are lesser known. If you’re looking to store furniture or appliances for future use, storage offers a secure way to do this that frees up space. However, there are also emergencies where storage becomes crucial, like a delay in moving dates. In this scenario, storage is the best solution to keep your belongings safe.

If your garage or loft is full of boxes and containers, you can reclaim them both by using storage. We have customers who manage to take back control of entire rooms lost to clutter by working with us. If you’re downsizing from a larger property, you’ll undoubtedly have storage issues that we can solve. ISIS Removals also helps several companies keep their tools and products secure, while giving them the best business storage rates in Oxford.

How the Storage Process Works – 

When you first contact us, we’ll give you a warm welcome and an initial assessment of your needs. For us, it’s all about understanding what you’re storing and why, so we can match you with the correct storage package. There’s always a member of staff around, should you need assistance with loading or unpacking.

At ISI Removals, we have a stringent health and safety protocol in place to keep our customers and team members safe. You’ll notice how clean and well-organised our facilities are, making everything easy to navigate while storing your items. All storage customers receive an accurate inventory of their possessions before we seal your container.

Unlike other providers, we don’t enforce a minimum contract period. While there are benefits to long-term storage, we believe in giving our customers what they need. If that means a shorter period while you complete a relocation, no problem. ISIS Removals has self storage available for this situation. We provide a selection of storage options, all at affordable prices.

ISIS Has Four Storage Options – 

  • Domestic storage.
  • Commercial archive storage.
  • Metal containers for trade self storage.
  • A facility to store large loose items.

Request a Free Assessment and Quotation Today – 

ISIS Removals caters to household and business customers from all over Oxfordshire, providing everyone with excellent customer service and unbeatable storage. We have top-notch security measures in place, safeguarding your belongings while you leave them in our care. Nothing enters or leaves our facility without authorisation, which includes full CCTV coverage throughout our branch.

Please contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We’ll happily discuss our storage services in more detail, in addition to any related questions you may have.


Frequently Asked Questions – 

How big are your storage containers?

5ft x 7ft x 7ft that holds 250 cubic feet.

 How much does storage cost?

Our storage costs will be based on the amount of items you have, prices start from £10.00 + vat per week.

If storage is payable in advance, what happens if I have my belongings out by mid-month?

We generate your first invoice from the day you move in until the end of that week.

You are then invoiced at the start of each month for the month ahead, e.g., 1st May for May’s storage.

The final invoice will be calculated to reflect the days you are in storage for the last month.

 Can I access my storage when I want to?

Generally, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to prepare your container for access.

However, during peak periods, it can be up to 5 working days before arranging access. Please contact our reception to discuss the terms and conditions for container storage.