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Tips on Creating a Home Office in Oxford

Posted on September 9, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Tips on Creating a Home Office in Oxford

There’s been a massive shift in working culture happening, which was a result of the pandemic lockdown but is continuing to gain momentum. Many companies in Oxford were able to survive due to implementing remote working for their staff, even though it was thoughts of as a temporary measure. It was an essential tool to keep from going out of business and keep things running, even if it was just enough to cover expenses and wages.

At Isis Removals, we think this is something which will continue into the future as a new way of working. To that end, we can help you convert an existing room in your house to create a home office in Oxford with our range of services.

Why a Home Office Can Make You More Productive –

Anyone who understands what it’s like to work in an office will remember the daily slog to and from work. Those pitch-black winter mornings where it’s a choice of de-icing the car or cramming yourself onto public transport. You arrive at work worn out before you’ve even had a chance to sit at your desk and prepare yourself for the day.

Then, you turn your pc on, with lots of seemingly pointless emails, several meetings for this week, and various memos. It feels like you’re nearly two hours without being able to do anything. While some of this will differ from one company to the next, the typical office culture isn’t always a productive one. And you spend at least one or two hours, just travelling to the office.

Remote working isn’t the solution for everyone, and it only suits certain business sectors. However, if you’re familiar with some of the previous points, it might be worth discussing it with your boss. Imagine how much more work you could clear by cutting out the unnecessary travel? You could fire up your laptop and log into the work system, to start working straight away.

There are always pros and cons when it comes to making changes to the way we work. Some people work better from an office environment and prefer the social aspect. Lots of businesses are now embracing remote working, and the future seems to be moving towards a mixed usage scenario. The best way of looking at it is there will be more choice for everyone.

Remote Working – Embrace the New Normal –

It’s becoming more apparent that remote working has now become a revolution of sorts for the business community. And like all new movements, there is some backlash to its continuation. Old ideas die hard, and there is an increasing amount of pressure put on the government to get companies to end remote working.

The problem is, there are lots of benefits to people working from home which no one put much thought to previously. It reduces the burden on public transport, especially Oxford, where traffic congestion is often an issue. And this serves as a reminder of a very topical point; this also lowers the risk of outbreaks of Covid-19.

Then there’s the positive environmental impact of remote working which means fewer carbon emissions. Additionally, companies can save money by downsizing their office spaces to smaller workspaces. While having employees working from home isn’t the solution for every company, we believe it’s now part of the business landscape.

SMEs can reduce their overheads and pass savings onto customers and employees. Moreover, people have more choice about how and where they work. Remote workingv is part of the future, and Isis Removals is here to help people and businesses in Oxford create amazing home offices.

Isis Removals Can Help You Create a Home Office –

The Isis Removals team were busy throughout the pandemic lockdown, undertaking emergency relocations and storage jobs. At first, it wasn’t seen as an essential service, but the government reversed their decision when it was clear frontline workers were having issues when trying to move their possessions. From that point on, we haven’t stopped working with people and businesses in Oxford.

This gives us an advantage when it comes to providing a range of related services, which includes creating home offices. While we were performing relocations to other parts of Oxford and the surrounding areas, it was apparent many people had additional requirements. Our customers were moving and then would be working from home. The problem was, they didn’t have the right working environment there to be productive.

Isis then began assisting our customers with home office room conversions as a necessity. It’s much easier to do with a reputable company like us helping. For anyone who’s considering remote working or starting their own venture, we can create the perfect home office or workplace. With a few adjustments, some basic furnishings and tech, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Self Storage to Create Space Before a Room Conversion –

It’s more difficult than it sounds to convert a room to use as a home office, especially if you have a young family. Busy households tend to have lots of things that get in your way, as you struggle to clear space to begin setting your workspace up. Then you have to move things room to room as you start your conversion.

The simplest way to start is with a clean slate by moving everything out of the room before you begin. If you rent a self storage unit through Isis Removals, you’ll be able to remove all your possessions out then start converting the room. An additional bonus is our storage facilities are second to none in Oxford, and you only need to keep your unit until your office is ready to use.

You won’t have the headache of constantly moving things around while you try to set everything up. Our removal’s team can collect your belongings with a Man & Van service and unload them into your storage unit. This allows you to start ordering office furniture and planning your ideal home office.

Always Use a Reputable Removals Company –

Making the decision to work from home is usually one both you and your employer will discuss before implementing. And hopefully, they’ll cover the costs for any room conversion and the installation of IT equipment. Much like a relocation, creating a home office tends to have specific needs per customer. At Isis Removals, we always work on a case-by-case basis because we know from experience, no two jobs are ever the same.

Our commitment to providing the highest standard of customer service is the solid foundation of everything we do. Attaining complete customer satisfaction requires us to take the correct level of assessment and preparation work.  We always match our customers’ needs with the right vehicle, team members, and removals or storage package.

The Isis Removals team can take on any removals or related service, which includes creating home offices and other workspaces. We will complete the job on time and to an excellent standard. We’re five-star removal and storage company, and you can read what our previous customers think of us here. Furthermore, our Quality Policy offers additional peace of mind for anyone who books with us.

Isis Removals Oxford – Helping You Create the Perfect Home Office –

Even with the push to get office workers to return to their workplaces, it’s clear that remote working is here to stay. It makes sense to avoid commuting to an office unless it’s necessary for numerous reasons. Plus, if it’s essential to have workers in an office environment, why not mix and match the two options? Businesses in Oxford will benefit from the choice this represents, especially if they can save money and improve efficiency.

Remote working can ease a lot of the pressures that mass movements of people creates. Home offices are an essential way of changing our working habits. And if this helps small businesses reduce their overheads, it will have a positive knock-on effect for the local economy. And if you’re a business owner who’s considering this option, Isis Removals are here to complete the job to the highest standard.

If you’re interested in remote working and require a home office, please contact us today. We’ll go into more details about how our range of services will do the job.