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Top 5 tips for Moving House in the autumn

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
Top 5 tips for Moving House in the autumn

One of the most stressful headaches you can experience is organising a relocation. With so many logistics and moving parts, you could experience a lot of bumps in the road. However, when you compare this to other seasons, moving home in autumn can be a smart decision. That’s because the days are still long, and the weather is cooler.

While the autumn is not as frugal as winter, you need to avoid inclement weather and snowy conditions. Plus, September, October, and November experience milder weather conditions, with the colder months reserved for earlier the following year. All relocations take planning, so here are the 5 of Isis Removals’ top tips to help you move house during autumn.

Your Go-To Guide for a Successful Autumn Move –

Let’s begin by adding context to the following five pillars of a successful relocation in autumn. We’ll approach this with the knowledge that a typical sale in the UK takes just over four months to complete. This doesn’t include any alterations and repairs your home will undergo. It’s strictly the time your property spends on the housing market.

With this in mind, you’ll need to be in a ready position soon if you aim for a relocation later this year. If you have any maintenance issues, start to solve them with haste. For any significant upgrades or complete renovations, it’s wise to discuss the lead times with the construction sub-contractor. Remember that stress levels often relate to time constraints. Try to avoid putting yourself in an unrealistic situation regarding your preferred moving season.

Here’s an overview of the five pillars of a successful autumn relocation:

  1. Plan thoroughly and start taking action today.
  2. How to create and use a moving checklist.
  3. Choose the most suitable removals company.
  4. The benefits of using a professional packing service.
  5. Tips for settling into your new home.

If you follow the advice in this article, you’ll set yourself up for a positive moving experience. You’ll also learn some common issues to identify them and then avoid them. Please note that this list isn’t exhaustive, and you should add any steps that fit your specifications.

Plan Thoroughly and Start Today –

Each of the five steps we’re highlighting in this guide is vital to a positive moving experience. However, if you don’t apply thorough planning that begins straight away, the other four might not be enough. There are many moving parts when it comes to preparing to sell one property and relocate to another one. This involves other parties and all the financial goings-on that comes with it.

In short – it’s a recipe for a potential disaster, even though most moves achieve the desired result. That said, it doesn’t guarantee you won’t face delays, and hiccups are commonplace. That’s why it’s crucial to give your enough wiggle room, should something unexpected crop up. The only way to facilitate this is by starting the process today.

While that sounds a bit dramatic, we don’t mean you should organise the entire relocation and renovate your house by dinnertime. We’re suggesting that you begin with creating a moving checklist and then using a blank calendar. This will list every task you need to complete, and you can then plot out when to meet them all.

Make a Moving Checklist –

Since you will have a lot of things to do during the week, it’s imperative to create a moving checklist. This will not only make you organised but will also help you know what to do. If you are not sure of what you are supposed to do, you may seek professionals’ services. This can include everything from hiring a moving company or scheduling warming parties in your new house.

You might be scratching your head a bit, so here’s an example of what these lists typically contain:

  • Researching and booking a removal service/company.
  • Sourcing packing materials.
  • Packing your home in stages.
  • Using self storage to move full boxes into.
  • Informing your local authority of the departure date.
  • Getting a list of service providers from the seller of your new home.
  • Taking meter readings for utilities and informing the relevant providers. 
  • Pack an essentials bag for your arrival.
  • Double checking everything is ready during the final week.

It will now be more apparent why moving checklists are crucial for any relocation. You’re essentially juggling family and work around planning a move. That’s why people forget tasks and then suddenly realise the final week before the big move.

It’s possible to mitigate forgetfulness and stay on track with this vital moving companion. Think of it as the comprehensive preparation blueprint you can refer to at any time. Additionally, if you book your removal service with Isis, we’ll send you the best tips and regular reminders for important tasks you need to attend to. We’ll also discuss the timings for your moving day in detail.

Choose the Best Removals Company –

With the most popular moving season behind you, you might save a lot in terms of rates if you choose the best removals provider. This is because moving depends on supply and demand. With fewer people moving during this time, you have a better chance of negotiating lower rates. This changes from one company to the next, so remember to contact us directly to discuss our terms and conditions.

You also need to keep in mind that moving at different times of the month will affect availability. This is due to many people waiting until payday to make a booking, which will undoubtedly bottleneck certain moving dates. Before settling on one company, it’s wise to contact several providers and request quotations to see which aligns with your budget.

At Isis Removals, we have the best of both situations regarding prices and quality. If you choose the former to get a rock bottom price, you might forgo a certain level of customer service. This leads to a higher chance of breakages and damage occurring. We suggest you weigh up every aspect, including online ratings, to ensure you receive the best service delivery possible.

Pack Properly or Leave to the Professionals –

You need to avoid throwing your things into boxes randomly when moving out. It’s better to pack similar items in the same box so that upon reaching your next destination, you can easily trace them. Then it’s a case of placing them where they are supposed to be, so keep this in mind when you’re labelling the outside of each moving box. You also need to keep essential things in one container so that once you reach your new home, you can easily have them to hand.

There’s only one problem with packing everything yourself – the quality inevitably goes down. Not only that, but you’ll also need to consult with your insurance broker to go over your policy. It’s sometimes the case that the specific clauses stipulate whether doing the packing yourself is allowed or might invalidate your policy.

The best way to avoid breakages and stay within your policy guidelines is to leave it to the professionals. Isis Removals only works with experts in removals and storage. They have decades’ worth of experience to revert to in tricky situations, which means we have a group of efficient problem-solvers ready to tackle any problem.

How to Settle into Your New Home –

Before, during, and after the move, you need to give yourself some time to settle in your new home. Since autumn has some of the best sceneries, you can take a walk around your new neighbourhood and hone your photography skills. This is a wonderful time to know your environment and possibly say hello to your immediate neighbours.

Think ahead and dress appropriately. Since transferring everything to your new place will be hectic, you’ll thank yourself for the additional preparation. With cold temperatures a common occurrence, you need to prepare your daily utilities in advance. It would be extremely hard to arrive in your new home with no central heating. You should try and open lines of communication with the seller to ensure a steady transition where you have the utility providers’ details.

You can do your research well to get the best packages and deals by knowing your utilities. These are some of the best tips to help you move house during autumn. The most important thing is to plan well so that you are not inconvenienced. Also, remember to record the meter readings from your current and new property to avoid any incorrect billing.

Isis Removals – Ready to Relocate You this Autumn in Oxford –

Everyone at Isis Removals takes a great sense of pride in our work. For us, it’s more than just turning up on time and performing the relocation with a smile. We’re here to ensure you’re in the best position to settle into your new home when you arrive. We have someone at our branch you can speak to when the need arises. And we’ll make a point of checking you’re on top of the essential tasks before the final week.

We consistently receive five-star ratings on Google Reviews and Trustpilot from happy customers. But don’t take our word on it – check them out here and make a point of reading written feedback from our previous jobs. Customer service is a priority for the Isis Removals team, and we achieve these results by sustaining the highest quality standards possible.

If you’re planning an autumn relocation, put yourself in the strongest position by working with Isis Removals. We’re Oxford’s favourite removals and storage company, and you’ll receive the best service at affordable prices.