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Top Tips to Make Your Office Relocation Successful

Posted on August 24, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Top Tips to Make Your Office Relocation Successful

The Storage industry has grown dramatically over the last twenty years. New self storage warehouses have been sprouting up in every urban neighbourhood, offering a complex array of promotional offers and variable tariffs. This makes it challenging for the consumer to decide which company and which product best suits their needs.

It invariably boils down to everyone’s individual needs and having enough choices available to line the two together. That’s why one-size-fits-all won’t match everyone’s requirements, and something will inevitably have to give. At Aussie Man & Van, we’re conscious of this and strive to be flexible wherever is necessary. In this blog, we’ll look at household storage in more detail.

Everyone Has Different Storage Needs – 

Someone who’s moving out of a four-bed and one-bed property will have different storage needs. That’s why trying to accommodate both with one package doesn’t make sense. You can hammer a square peg through a round hole, but the result will be disappointing. It’s no different when booking a service, and that’s why it’s essential to match requirements with a suitable package.

Some aspects will help everyone find what they’re looking for that’s also good value. Things like having adequate tools onsite to help to unload is an example that everyone would find useful. But there needs to be a broader consideration when we think of what type of storage people might want. Aussie understands this and has a selection of storage units available.

Not only that, but we also have three primary storage services that have an element of flexibility. When it comes to storage periods, we work with individuals and businesses for short and long-term timeframes. Not only that, but our storage options work for all budgets and access needs. You’ll get the correct level of storage for a great price.

Be Cautious with Discounts and Deals –

Let’s be honest – we all love a deal, and there’s nothing better than receiving good value for money. However, there’s a good reason to be wary of promotional offers; they’re designed to lure you into an arrangement that could end up costing you more than you had bargained. Some storage customers tend to forget about what they have put into storage, and once the promotional period is over, they end up on a higher tariff.

The best way to sidestep this is to get prospective storage providers to state the promotion’s terms and conditions. If there’s a deal on offer, when does it expire, and what’s the typical cost afterwards? Furthermore, will they remind you when the discount expires in advance if you want to stop renting? Fortunately, many will give you some form of reminder or an automatic prompt, but you need to be clear about this from the outset.

A credible company will be happy to provide this information because their reputation matters. False pretence doesn’t bode well for long-term relationships, and that’s why Aussie sticks to our ethos of consistent good value. We avoid eye-catching deals in favour of regular value for money packages. And because we run an efficient ship, we’ll always pass on savings to our customers.

Self Storage – More Access, Some Time Limits –

If you need regular access, especially out of hours, be sure to check that any potential storage companies offer around-the-clock service. Storage companies offering 24/7 access tend to be more expensive. That’s because they must factor in the expense of providing people and security over several shift patterns. Additionally, the security measures in place will cost more to install and operate.

From experience, a household customer will rarely need this level of access. It’s typically for businesses that operate outside of normal trading times, but only those who work unsociable hours. However, we never assume anything, and there’s always an exception. That’s why you’ll need to weigh up your access needs before you start looking for storage.

At Aussie, we give customers unlimited access, but it’s only during our opening hours. In emergencies, we’ll do our best to extend an opening time with the prior agreement. For most cases, we utilise a thorough assessment process to verify everyone’s on the same page regarding access and anything related. This makes us efficient, getting things right the first time and encouraging communication with our customers.

Container Storage – Affordable, Access Restrictions –

Suppose you don’t need that level of access or any access until you want your belongings returned. In that case, you should consider a company that offers a lower specification service. You could make a significant saving of over 50% in comparison to self storage. Container storage is good for people who are moving house and maybe living in temporary accommodation.

Why not get a quote from your removal company as part of an all-in quotation rather than using a stand-alone self-storage company that will invariably be more expensive? Removal companies will generally store your belongings in bespoke containers that stack on each other in the removal company’s warehouse. This also provides an additional level of security by using the stacking storage method.

Moreover, this makes it a much better use of their warehouse space than self storage companies who have to build lifts and corridors at great expense. This, in turn, reduces their warehouses’ capacity and inevitably passes the costs on to their customers. Ultimately, it’s better to have several options available, which is what Aussie’s customers enjoy. And we’ll go into more detail about each storage package.

Aussie’s Three Storage Options in Detail –

There are various applications for storage that make it a perfect fit for the home and business. In fact, Aussie works with hundreds of domestic and commercial clients every week. We have three storage options with flexible applications, making it possible to work with any individual or company.

Aussie Container Storage – this is ideal for long-term storage. A lot of people store their valuables like this due to the additional level of security container storage offers. While this is not for people who need regular access, you might consider it if you have expensive equipment or art pieces you won’t frequently be using.

Aussie Self Storage – is perfect for short-term storage and people who need regular access. One example is for businesses that move their stock in and out on a daily basis. Many new start-ups and SMEs use Aussie’s self storage as their base of operations, in addition to local artists using them for affordable studio space.

AusBox Storage – this innovative storage service combines elements of the previous options but on a smaller scale. The AusBox is a unique storage option that’s ideal for people who need long-term storage at cheaper rates. You can also visit your AusBox four times a month without additional charges.

Request Quotes and Prioritise Customer Service –

It might sound odd for us to suggest getting quotes from at least three separate storage providers. Especially if you’re a new storage user and you’re unfamiliar with the process. You can then cross-reference each quotation to see which offers the best value. We don’t need to state that customer service should factor into any decision you make.

By using Google Reviews and Trustpilot, you can get a general idea of the service you’ll likely receive. That’s because these websites encourage people to rate each business with a score out of five. By going through this and reading their reviews and testimonials, you’ll gain more insight into their level of service delivery. On top of that, contact them directly to see what response is like for things like professionalism and a range of services.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ storage and removals company, and every job is a new chance to help someone solve their storage issues. Additionally, we have a Quality Policy in place to give more reassurance. Our team aims to attain excellent customer service with accountability built into every package we offer.

Aussie Man & Van – Tailor-Made Storage Packages in London –

When it comes to providing storage, there’s a balance to strike between affordability and service delivery. For us, it all begins with assessment and thorough planning to make sure we know everyone’s requirements. Then we have tools and equipment in place to help with the hands-on stuff. And our staff is always willing to lend a hand when it comes to things like loading and unpacking.

It’s simple enough to start the ball rolling, even if this is your first time using storage. Give us a call or email, and we’ll begin assessing your requirements. From there, we’ll create and send you a free quote without any pressure to book. We’re confident we can match your needs with the right storage package.

Aussie has a track record for excellence in every service we offer. Click here to ask for a free quote and information about our range of storage and other services.