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Top tips on how to move your furniture safely

Posted on February 26, 2018 by Peter Donaldson

Moving or relocating your furniture is almost always a tricky affair. This is due to the fact that you have both yourself and the furniture to protect. The costs of repairing damaged furniture can be so high. At the same time, improper handling of the furniture can lead to a lifelong physical injury. This is why safety is a major concern while moving furniture. Fortunately, there are tips that will help you move your furniture successfully without either injuring yourself or damaging your furniture possessions. The top tips are as we discuss here;

1. Get rid of potential dangers
There are safety guidelines that need to be followed when moving your furniture. So, ensure that you’ve followed each and every one of them. Look out for potential dangers from all the exits that you will be using making sure that you get rid of all of them. This means that prior to the actual moving time reaches; you can take a walk and see the areas that are likely to put you in harm’s way. Consequently, come up with ways or ideas that will help you protect yourself and the object you’ll be moving. Even very small objects that you think may not present you any challenges are potential culprits. Whatever clutter there is on the way, it should be gotten rid of. Things like mud, dust or water can cause you accidents while you are moving. Remove all of these along the way ahead of time.

2. Ask for help
Single-handedly, it’s not easy, even impossible to do all the work involved when moving furniture safely. Well, you can successfully move the light ones, just not the heavy lot. Be smart and ask for a hand as this increase the safety levels significantly. If you’re not sure that you’ll manage to lift and ferry an item without help, don’t attempt it. Be cautious and never use yourself as a lab-rat. Furthermore, you may give in to the weight of the item and damage it in the process as well. Once you’ve invited friends and they showed up, ensure everyone knows exactly he/she is supposed to be doing. This helps prevent any accidents caused by the inability to harmoniously work together.

3. Disassemble furniture that can be
Certain furniture can be extremely heavy. In such a case, you surely won’t be able to move it with optimal safety no matter how many you are. The smart move is to disassemble it into smaller components and have you and your friends move the components individually. Needless to say, only disassemble if you can remember to reassemble it back. In case you don’t have the confidence, as a knowledgeable party. An example of such help would be found from a removals company.

4. Obtain a moving equipment
Lots of equipment out there that can be hugely helpful in moving your furniture. You can either purchase one for yourself or hire. Examples of such equipment include moving straps, furniture trolleys, among others. With the use of this equipment, the work will be much easier and safer.

5. Slide rather than lift or carry
The first method of moving things we always think of is carrying them. This, however, doesn’t mean that it’s the most efficient and safe way. But, sliding them is. If it’s possible, just slide the furniture to prevent any accidents.

6. Make use of proper lifting tips
In the case where sliding is not possible or just not appropriate, you’ll have to lift the furniture. This can be strenuous on the body and can cause injuries if not done correctly. Some of these tips include using the legs rather than the back to lift, moving smoothly and slowly and focusing on objects ahead of you.

7. Dress appropriately
Never wear open shoes or loose clothes as they can easily lead to you having an accident. Rather, ensure your clothes are not loose and shoe not open.

These are the top tips that will help you move your furniture safely. Better yet, getting the services of a removals company would be the smartest idea as we take all these tips into consideration. However, the main goals are to stay safe and protect your furniture from damage.