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Top Tips to a Stress Free Move with Your Kids

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Top Tips to a Stress Free Move with Your Kids

Moving to a new home is a challenge at the best of times, but it can be particularly difficult if you have kids. Children are likely to be very excited by all the activities, which can mean they become more demanding. In some instances, it will be an upsetting situation for you as well. There are a few ideas to make a move easier on your kids and to decrease your own stress levels.

We’ll look at the unique challenges relocating with a young family entails in this blog. By doing this, it’s possible to see how to anticipate potential problems and deal with them with balance and empathy. This is going to be difficult for everyone but even more so for the little ones. The Isis Removals team will be here to guide you through the process, from start to unpacking in your new house.

Talk to Your Children About the Move –

Moving house can be a very confusing and sometimes upsetting time for your children. The way around this is to explain why they are moving and the benefits of doing so in a way they will understand. Even a simple explanation can go a long way to easing any fears they might have. It is also a good idea to allow some time for them to ask questions and express any concerns.

For some families and their little ones, your current home is all they’ve ever known. They’re leaving the house they grew up in, saying goodbye to lifelong friends and familiar neighbours. This is a massive shift in their understanding of the world, and it might make them feel sad and anxious. The fear of the unknown is bad enough for adults, but it takes on a different emphasis with children.

That’s why you’ll need to be open and honest about everything you’re doing. Wherever possible remember to involve them and ask for their input in some decisions. They have virtually no say in the move itself and why it’s happening. But it will help if you make them feel valued, and we’ll go through some suggestions on how to do it.

Involve Your Kids in the Move –

The key to a successful move with older kids is to involve them in the process. You may even find that they can be a great help because they will be able to pack their own toys and other belongings. It can also be possible to get toddlers to help with the packing if it is turned into a game. It’s best to allow them to pack things like stuffed toys and not anything breakable.

Involving the children in the relocation gives them something to focus on and an outlet for their excitement related to the move. You’ll also be able to sneak in a few extra duties for them if you’re creative. A clue is that no one likes tidying up or getting rid of clutter. However, if you can think of a game to play that involves collecting old toys and things they no longer use, you might be into something.

Another tip is to get everyone to choose their rooms in the new place before you arrive. So, try and get some photos and videos when viewing or talk to the seller to see if they’ll do this for you. This will immerse everyone in the process and make it a reality that it’s happening. Then they can think about how they want to decorate and set out their bedroom.

Encourage Your Kids to Sort Through Their Toys –

You will reduce the stuff you need to move by getting your children to sort through their toys and pick out the things they no longer want. You can then sell them if they’re in good condition to donate these toys to charity. This will not only make things a bit easier, but it can also mean that your child’s new room will have less clutter.

It’s also tricky because it will stir up emotions when you start sorting through their things. But it will also be cathartic and help them prepare for the relocation, both the physical and mental side of it. You might have to consider bribery tactics to help them part with toys and games they never use anymore. Try telling them it’s necessary to get rid of old things or you can’t buy new stuff.

Also, give them some role in the decision making when it comes to what happens with the old items. Do they want to try and sell or donate? Allow them to take charge of the situation and assist them if they need to put them online to give them to a local NPO. This will give them purpose and feel like their opinions matter. It’s vital they feel like they have some ownership in the process.

Turn the Move into an Adventure –

It can be helpful to turn the move into a bit of an adventure. You can make your kids excited about exploring their new home and meeting new friends. They are also likely to find emptying their old home to be a fun experience if you turn it into a game. We’ll go through some ideas in this section for you to consider and see if it sparks any ideas.

You’ll need to think of ways to tie this with their interests or hobbies. A bit of roleplaying might entice the more reluctant participants into the relocation. Try and get those little explorers ready to chart a map to their new destination. If they’re keen pirates or astronauts, see if you can use these themes to your advantage and get them to prepare the ship for its voyage.

Who knows – it might rub off on you as well, and you’ll be putting on a pirate hat or space helmet as you pack. A bit of childlike fun always reduces the stress of moving and help you bond more. By the time the big move arrives, you’ll have everyone on board and ready to lend a hand. Then it’s a case of setting off for the next chapter in your life.

Allow Your Child to Stay with Friends or Relatives –

Sometimes the best option will be for your kids to stay with friends or relatives. This way, they can be spared the stress of the move, and you will not have the pressure of finding things to occupy them. You can still include them in the preparation side of things and then arrange to head over for a sleepover for a night or two while you undertake the relocation properly.

You’ll also remove the worry about their safety while the movers pack up and move heavy items around. There’s nothing more unnerving than trying to keep the kids away when the moving company arrives. They’ll be curious to see what’s happening, and it will have you refereeing their every action and movement. To counter this, it will help if you remove this by arranging to stay overnight elsewhere.

It will also give them a chance to say goodbye to friends if they stay with someone nearby. Additionally, consider having a farewell party before the moving day. This is part of the process of moving on, literally and figuratively, and will make it a celebration. And keep in touch by taking contact details and agreeing on times to have a video call every week.

Isis Removals Oxford – Helping You Through a Challenging Relocation –

The final piece of the puzzle is to book a reliable moving company like Isis Removals. By doing this, you’ll be able to delegate tasks to us, and we’ll take as much stress out of your house sale as possible. We’ll help you at every stage of the relocation, which includes planning and after you unpack. Furthermore, our team will provide you with tips and prompts to ensure you don’t forget anything.

At Isis Removals, we tailor our services to match your needs as closely as we can. We’ll always try to accommodate unique specifications wherever possible as well. The result will be the smoothest removals and storage services available in Oxford and the surrounding areas. We have an excellent range of services and a group of movers who understand challenging relocations.

The other key to a stress-free move is to choose the right removal company. Click here to request a free quote or call us directly on 01865 770 227 to find out how we can assist you move home with minimal fuss.