Top Tips to a Stress Free Move with Your Kids

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Peter Donaldson

Moving home is a challenge at the best of times, but it can be particularly difficult if you have kids. Children are likely to be very excited by all the activity, but this can mean they become more demanding. Here are a few ideas to make the move easier on your kids, and to decrease your own stress levels:

Talk to Your Children about the Move

Moving house can be a very confusing and sometimes upsetting time for them. The way around this is to explain, in a way they will understand, why they are moving, and the benefits of doing so. Even a simple explanation can go a long way to easing any fears they might have. It is also a good idea to allow some time for them to ask questions and express any concerns.

Involve Your Kids in the Move

The key to a successful move with older kids is to get them involved in the process. You may even find that they can be a great help because they will be able to pack their own toys and other belongings. It can even be possible to get toddlers to help with the packing if it is turned into a type of game – it is best to just allow them to pack things like stuffed toys and not anything that is breakable. By involving kids in the move it gives them something to focus on, and an outlet for their excitement related to the move.

Encourage Your Kids to Sort through Their Toys

You will be able to reduce the stuff you need to move by getting your children to sort through their toys and to pick out the things they no longer want. You can then give these toys to charity or dispose of them in some other way. This will not only make the move a bit easier, but it can also mean that your child’s new room will be less cluttered.

Turn the Move into an Adventure

It can be helpful to turn the move into a bit of an adventure. You can make your kids excited about exploring their new home and meeting new friends. They are also likely to find the emptying of their old home to be a fun experience.

Allow Your Child to Stay with Friends or Relatives

Sometimes the best option will be for your kids to stay with friends or relatives. This way they can be spared the stress of the move, and you will not have the pressure of finding things to occupy them.

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