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5 Ways to trust in Your Removals Company – Removals Oxford – IRIS

Posted on February 10, 2017 by Peter Donaldson

The beginning of the year and early May are popular moving periods. For most people, choosing a moving company would seem as easy as going to Google to type “Removals”.

No doubt, you’ll be presented with a myriad of options, and some in your immediate area. But are you going to allow just anybody lift that sacred couch that holds so many memories? Or hand over your prized gold-plated awards to some stranger?

Maybe not, especially when you don’t know exactly who you are dealing with. Did you know people tend to lose more items when they are moving homes? This is why it is important to choose the right removal company.

Say, you’ve just got a new home courtesy of The House Shop, and you can’t wait to move, here are some useful pointers for a reliable removals company.

trust your removals company lorry packed for house move

Company has a good reputation

This is critical. A removals company with a good reputation is more likely to deliver according to your expectations. Good reputation also means good ratings, because people who are happy with good service are willing to rate it high.

Hiring a company you can trust also means establishing a relationship that will benefit you in the long-term.

How long have they been in business?

You can always rely on a good experience. A service that has been operating for a long time knows its ways around difficult situations, and is most likely to be prepared for anything. You’ll want to know if they have moved something as delicate as a hand-crafted statue. A careful removal company will always trump insurance received on a prized artefact.

Are they insured?

Ensure that the company is insured and check their licence number too. You could be exposing yourself to risk if you hire an uninsured removals company. This means in addition to the attention to detail, they care enough to cover their clients with a comprehensive insurance policy. A licenced removals company is also a good sign that they have been vetted by the appropriate authorities. Nothing is better than having peace of mind knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Check reviews

One of the most reliable ways to verify the credibility of any company is through customer reviews on independent sites. Satisfied customers will always be happy to refer family and friends to a good service. Sites such as Rated and Yelp area good place to start.

Business policies

Good businesses put their customers at the centre of their operations, and a removal company is no exception. Check policies that cover sensitive items such as windows and prized artworks. A trustworthy removal company is also conscious about the environment and make efforts to minimise litter as much as possible. Other smart practices include using recyclable material and equipment that promote efficiency.

Your choice of a removal company shouldn’t be an off-handed one. Ensure you choose the right partner. Here at IRIS, you are assured of a service you can trust and more.