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Using Self Storage to Create Space for Christmas

Posted on December 13, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Using Self Storage to Create Space for Christmas

Christmas and the festive season won’t be the same this year, but we do not doubt that everyone in Oxford will be making the best of it. For those who want to see family, the news of extending bubbles to accommodate this was welcome news. However, you might need to do some last-minute organising to prepare for your guests.

Self storage offers the best chance to organise your home without getting rid of lots of your possessions. Isis Removals has various storage options that are affordable and provide the ultimate level of protection. We have the right package to suit households and businesses in Oxford to help create some much-needed space before the holidays begin.

Getting Ready for the Festive Season in Oxford –

There’s no better way to prepare for the upcoming Christmas holidays than organising your home. This will involve the dreaded tasks of cleaning your house or apartment, in addition to some decluttering. Even if you’re not having guests over for Christmas or Boxing Day, it’s worth doing this as it’ll put you in the right frame of mind to start 2021 on a positive note.

It’s also an opportunity to reclaim the garage or spare room which might be lost in amongst a sea of boxes and containers. By doing this, you’ll essentially have one or two new rooms to use. Another benefit that comes with organisation is everything feels rejuvenated and new. Think of this as giving yourself a gift before Christmas, although you’ll be doing most of the legwork.

This doesn’t need to be a massive project – a new coat of paint and small repairs will suffice. Taking these proactive steps will put you in the correct mind space for what will undoubtedly be a year of renewal and realignment. Furthermore, you’ll have an opportunity to get rid of things you rarely or never use anymore.

It’s time to ditch the clutter and leave it in 2020, so you can start the new year positively. You’re not alone in this task – Isis Removals has a range of services to help you organise your home. And should you find yourself in a challenging situation, we have the ability to take on emergency jobs.

Struggling for Space? Self Storage Will Help –

We’re all guilty of keeping things past their use-by date, and this isn’t about the mouldy food in your fridge. To various degrees, we keep things that have no practical function anymore. That’s why people have a garage and loft full of junk, often containing boxes packed with unknown contents. It’s the out of sight, out of mind fallacy that eventually becomes a problem.

It’s time to take back control by renting a self storage unit from Isis. You can free-up loads of space in your home, giving it more purpose and options. A basic 100-sq-ft storage unit can hold the equivalent of an entire apartment’s worth of items. Apply this to your current property and visualise how much room this would give you. Then think about the possibility it presents.

The good thing about self storage is it’s flexible and should always fit around your needs. You can store with us for as long as you need to because there’s no minimum contract period. That’s why a lot of small businesses and start-ups find this package invaluable. It doesn’t tie you into a lease where you have the burden of a monthly expense.

Another bonus of using self storage is you can access your unit as many times during the day as you want. There’s regular access available during our business hours, and we have a variety of unit sizes to choose from. This makes self storage the ideal service for anyone who wants to create more space.

The Benefits of Container Storage –

We’re going to take a slight detour now to discuss the benefits of container storage. Self storage is a sought-after package, and sometimes people automatically inquire about this. However, once we discuss their situation, it becomes apparent that our Container Storage service would fit their requirements more. And there are several advantages this has over self storage.

The first one is the price. From £14 per week, you can rent a 20-ft container storage unit, and this is due to a lower level of maintenance requirement. Unlike self storage, there’s less access available, and the units don’t need the same upkeep or supervision. This makes it possible to pass the savings onto our customers, but it’s worth remembering you will have less access if you choose this option.

This is how it works. Our team will bring an empty container unit to your house or workplace. We pack everything, seal it onsite before transporting it back to our storage warehouse. Isis uses a stacking system, where your unit will have a place with other containers. And this is where it will remain until a time where you need your possessions back. We’ll then reverse the process by driving the container unit back to your location where we’ll unseal and help you unpack.

Container storage gives you the highest standard of protection for your belongings or work equipment. Our stacking system offers an additional level of safekeeping, in addition to the security measures present at our branch. We also have crate storage units available which are budget friendly. And we’re always happy to discuss our storage options in more detail.

A Comprehensive Business Storage Service –

At Isis Removals, we don’t just work with households in Oxford. We have hundreds of business clients from various industries using our storage facilities every year. This covers short and long-term storage periods for self storage, container, and crate storage services. We’re confident enough to do whatever we can to accommodate any niche demands.

Our business self storage is a popular package for start-ups and solopreneurs in Oxfordshire. Sectors like e-commerce enjoy security and ease of access that comes with self storage. That’s because it’s simple to load and unpack without any undue delays. This makes it possible to seamlessly move stock in and out of your storage unit, ready for delivery to your customers.

There’s Isis Removals staff always ready to help if you need a hand with loading or unpacking awkward or heavy objects. We have various pieces of storage equipment onsite, including trolleys. No matter what business sector you operate in, we have the perfect solution for your business. You’ll have the best of both worlds when it comes to customer service and affordability.

Using Review Websites for Customer Service –

At Isis Removals, our commitment to providing the highest standard of customer service is the solid foundation of everything we do. Attaining complete customer satisfaction requires us to take the correct level of assessment and preparation work.  We always match our customers’ needs with the right vehicle, team members, and removals or storage package.

Finding a reliable removal or storage provider has never been easier. With rating platforms like Google Live, Trustpilot, and Facebook, you have a lot of information at your fingertips. Many years ago, people would rely on word of mouth and recommendations when booking a relocation. Now it’s possible to see what previous customers rate and say about any company you’re thinking of using.

The Isis Removals team completes every job on time and to an excellent standard. We’re five-star removal and storage company, and you can read what our previous customers think of us here. Our Quality Policy offers an additional level of accountability for anyone who books with us, in addition to being a Master Removers Group member company.

Isis Removals – Helping You Prepare for Christmas and New Year in Oxford –

From the Isis Removals team, we hope all our customers have a great Christmas and New Year. While we are fully operational throughout the tier lockdown system, we different opening hours for parts of the festive period. We’ll update everyone on our opening info closer to the time. If you do have an emergency, please get in touch straight away, and we’ll assess your situation to see how we can help.

Customer service is a primary focus for everyone at Isis Removals, and it shapes every package we offer. Our range of services can help you prepare your home for the Christmas holidays. You’ll have more room for any guests or to accommodate new presents. Even if you’re unsure if you need storage, you can request a free quotation at any time.

If you need to free up some space before Christmas or New Year’s Eve, please contact us today. We’ll discuss your situation and advise the best course of action.